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MIscellaneous Book Topics

Create topics here in a free-for-all discussion about books where genres are not relevant, or are confining. Reading lists, comparisons and other topics abound. Have fun!


This is the place to share your thoughts on your favorite fiction books. If it's fictional, it fits! We'll focus on both literary and genre fiction books aimed at adults.


This category is the place to discuss your favorite nonfiction books! All nonfiction discussion is welcome, be it history, memoir/biography, science, business, essay collections, or humor. Let's 'get real!'


All the best SFF book chatter!


Let's discuss a broad range of books that get your your heart pumping and your mind racing! We cover everything from detective noir to wartime thrillers, so whether you're into A Study in Scarlet or Black Hawk Down, we're good to go. (And it's even better if you love both!). Feel free to start some topics on your own.


Your place to talk about horror books, dark fantasy, bizarro fiction and weird tales. What is horror? We'll use a broad definition, similar to the Horror Writers Association. So, what's your pleasure?

Book Club

Welcome to the Riffle Book Club space! This category is specifically for Book Club discussions moderated by Riffle. Everyone is welcome to join in our discussions at any time. Topics within this new category will contain discussion threads for each of the books Riffle selects to feature as a Book Club read. Whenever there is a new read being featured, a dedicated thread for that book will be created within the Book Club category.


Share your favorite LGBTQ reads! Any and all discussion of LGBTQ characters, authors, identities, themes, and issues welcome.

Readers' Advisory

This category is for people interested in learning the fundamentals of readers' advisory in order to better understand and articulate their own reading preferences and to apply these techniques to help others find books best suited to their specific tastes.

Meet our Authors

This is a category that Authors can use to introduce themselves.


This is the place for all that Classics banter. Austen vs. the Brontes and all those other age-old debates. We'll be restricting Classics chat to dead authors (how cheerful!), so even if a writer has won the Nobel Prize, if they're still alive please head over to the Fiction category to discuss them.


Hello everyone!

Food & Cookbooks

Foodies, come share your favorite books and recipes! We'll be focussing here on cookbooks and nonfiction food reads (think Michael Pollen). Food memoirs, a la Julia Child, and nosh-worthy novels are also welcome! cocktail fried_shrimp beer ramen