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(Steven Clark) #2

Hello, Thanks for the chance to introduce myself. I'm the author of All The Pretty Dresses, (Feb. 2014) a story of a 31 yr. old single mom who is the first female deputy ever hired by her county (Nicholas County, WV). When she is unexpectedly appointed Acting Sheriff, she is confronted with the challenge of solving what has become known as the evening gown murders.

My latest release (Apr. 2015 is a Tony Hillerman meets John Grisham legal thriller that pits young Navajo attorney, Danny Whitehorse, against an evil oil company who is cheating Indians on the reservation out of royalties on gas wells. After filing a lawsuit he quickly learns that his greatest challenge is not winning the lawsuit, but to simply stay alive long enough to bring it to court.

Both books are the first books in their respective series. My publisher is New Horizons Press/Publishers, LLC. Both are listed on Amazon and other major outlets. I welcome reader and author discussions and look forward to my participation on Riffle.

(Siobhan C Cunningham - Author) #3


Hello there, just to let you know that my new Paranormal RomThriller is available as a free ebook on 28th to 30th July, 3 days only.

If you get time to read it, would love to know your thoughts on the first in this series of 8. Reader's feedback is important to us crazy Authors. Thank you... keep reading!

The Deal by S C Cunningham

(Mark Hollock) #4

Just heard about this site today and immediately joined. I have a lot of snooping around to do before I’ll be comfortable. So I’ll save my shameless pitches for my book until I have hung out a bit. I read a lot and am often on the lookout for something unusual and though-provoking. Cheers to all, Mark

(Joy V. Smith) #5

I write mostly science fiction stories and novels, including stories about frontiers on other planets, but I also wrote a novel about the western frontier, Detour Trail. And I have a new SF novel coming out next year, Taboo Tech.