Best Book(s) You've Read, So Far, This Year (2017)

(Kate Minckler) #41

Now that December’s here, I’m giving this list a bump! As the year comes to an end, are there any more 2017 favorites that made it onto your Best of the Year list?

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #42

From the list of books listed above, I’m adding two more that were my favourites this year:

I don’t think 2017 was a big banner year in my reading. I did have favourites like these two, but there didn’t seem to be as many with oomph as in my previous reading years. I hope for excellent stand-out reads in 2018!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! Happy Holidays! :evergreen_tree::snowman_with_snow::christmas_tree::ribbon::confetti_ball::tada:

(Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews) #43

Here are my Favorite “17” of 2017.

Have you read any?

(Brendan Schlagel) #44

My favorite 2017 reads:

(Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews) #45

I have TONS of good books I read this year - 2018.

I have read a number of mystery/thrillers and women’s fiction that I liked.

LET ME LIE by Clare Mackintosh stands out in the mystery/thriller category. AFTER ANNA by Lisa Scottoline was very good too.

Women’s fiction had AMAZING titles - The one I just finished BOARDWALK SUMMER by MereditH Jaeger was a beautiful read.

What have you read so far this year? You can stop by my blog to see what else I have been reading. If they are published, they will be on Riffle. Unpublished books are featured in a post titled: IT’S MONDAY!! WHAT ARE YOU READING? and in BOOK BEGINNINGS.


(susan saeugling) #46

Unsaid, by Neil Abramson The Year Of Less, by Cait Flanders