Book Boxes - The Latest Literary Trend

(The Literary Sanctuary) #1

What do you all think of the new trend of book box subscriptions? I have contacted a few book box proprietors in hopes of doing some in depth reviews of the individual boxes and interviews with the founding members. Do any of you have a particular subscription you love or think is worthy of a spotlight review? I have contacted OwlCrate and UpperCase but am always open to other contenders.

(Life Of Stefanie) #2

Here in Belgium, Europe it’s a new thing, those book boxes … Not really trending I’m afraid!

(Jennifer D.) #3

Perhaps they will pick up in popularity? It’s an interesting idea, though it can get quite expensive, as can many different types of these subscription boxes.

(Life Of Stefanie) #4

I’m afraid that’s the big problem, the price :frowning: . The big players in the bookindustry focus more on Holland instead of Belgium (They often think we’re one.) which means we have to pay the shipping too and that’s almost the value of a new book :sob::sob::sob:

(Jennifer D.) #5


(Neil Baptista) #6

I have looked at CrateJoy, but never signed up. Aren’t these somewhat like the book of the month club? They’re trying to make a resurgence as well.

(Jennifer D.) #7

a little bit, i think. i’m not sure - but with the BotM, i believe you get to choose the book(s) you receive. from what i have been reading, the BotM has been doing well over the past year or two, which is nice!!

many of the subscription boxes send surprise selections, and accompanying gift-y items. so the subscriber is never sure what they will receive.

this is a newish one that launched in toronto, and has been having good success:

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #8

Oh, I didnt’ know about that one @Jennifer_D! But only available for those in Toronto?

I just saw one today that looked a bit steep in price! It was $105. :flushed: (per shipment. Like one box that month or season was the $105 - not for the year or anything.)

We don’t have Book of the Month availability in Canada - but I see so many people post about it and the choices each month look great. But I think, yes, the cost is what holds most back (holding me back).

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #9

Sorry - silly me - it’s located in Toronto but ships around Canada. :slight_smile:

(Jennifer D.) #10

Indeed, she does! I am very tempted to try it out, just to see… :thinking:

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #11

October’s theme is Mystery so I’m kind of intrigued to sign up for October’s box to see what’s what:

(Jennifer D.) #12

heh – i like trying to guess which book she’s chosen for each month. like… this month i have a good guess for ‘old hollywood’.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #13

heh! Yes, I saw Old Hollywood and figured that it would be a book that potentially I wouldn’t be interested in/or have already read. :slight_smile:

My hope with the Mystery theme is that it wouldn’t be Louise Penny’s latest because 1.) I already bought it but 2.) this is from a long standing series and none are standalone novels, so I would think perhaps she wouldn’t pick this one. hope

My thinking is it would be “fun” to try out one time, but I’m not sure the cost measures up to the experience of receiving one novel and some other “stuff”? (Not trying to sound negative, just thinking that hmmmmm - it’s cute, but I don’t think I would be a long-standing customer?)

I also saw a post for the Book of the Month Club (not available in Canada) and that each of the books was packaged with BOTM Book of the Month Club stamped on the spine. Mmmmm - not sure I was liking that? I get they would be supplied to them at a bulk rate, but to me it gives me the feelings I have when I see a big O sticker (Oprah) on a book. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Jennifer D.) #14

hmmm… permanent stamp/embossing is not something i would enjoy either. if it’s a removable sticker… i can handle that. haha!!

my guess for the old hollywood book is:


the seven husbands of evelyn hugo

the new one is a bit of a puzzle because didn’t it say the mystery also is a book within a book? i don’t think it would be louise penny’s in that case, eh?

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #15

Yes, that’s what I kind of thought too - read that one already. :slight_smile:

(It didn’t look removable. :persevere:)


(Jennifer D.) #16

snort! sad-making, that!

(Adrielle) #17

I’ve tried a few of them but have only fallen in love with Powell’s Indiespensable box.