Book Club - General Chat


(Jennifer D.) #1

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and reading some awesome books!!

Just working on some book club planning for the fall, and wondering if you would like to offer any input on the book club idea?

As this is still a very new feature for Riffle, we want to ensure you find it an interesting and useful addition to the site, as well as it being a space where you want to continue to participate in active discussions with other readers.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


September 2017 - The Last Neanderthal, by Claire Cameron
(Janine Tabor) #2

Maybe have genre threads for discovering new authors and maybe trying buddy reads?

(Kim@Time2Read) #3

For me, anything historical fiction probably works, as well as nonfiction, as long as it's narrative in style. The genres I shy away from are memoirs (not biographies!) and 'self-help' type books.

Maybe coming up with a list of 2 or 3 possibilites and asking us to choose?

(Jennifer D.) #4

Thank you for these ideas, @Janine_Tabor and @Kim!! each of the topics you have touched on has been considered/thought about and/or discussed, so it's great to hear your comments to help in the planning!!

@Janine_Tabor - could you explain your 'genre threads' idea a bit further? I want to make sure I properly understand your intent/thinking on this idea.

@Kim - nonfiction is definitely something that will appear at some point. i am in full agreement, though, that there needs to be a strong narrative style to any NF work we choose to read in the book club here, along with having as broad an appeal as possible. 'self-help'-type books can be a challenge in book clubs, for many reasons. it's not very likely they will feature here.

please feel free to share any additional thoughts, ideas, or questions you may have!!


(Janine Tabor) #5

Well, what I envision is a series of threads maybe titled something like:
Recommendations: Mystery/Thriller
Recommendations: Fantasy
Recommendations: Science Fiction
Recommendations: Non-fiction - science
Recommendations: Non-fiction - History

and so on. People could give brief reviews of a book in the categories that they would recommend to others.

(Jennifer D.) #6

so... just to be clear, you are looking for these threads within book club, that would make for good book club recommendations?

or is this idea more general, to expand the fiction and nonfiction discussion categories?



(Janine Tabor) #7

Either or both. :smiley:

I hadn't thought it out completely.

(Jennifer D.) #8

Okay -- thanks, @Janine_Tabor. I just wanted to understand whether this was a book club-specific request, or a more general discussion idea. :blush:

(Janine Tabor) #9

I thought it would be nice for the book club, if we have enough people to provide a variety of recommendations.

(Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews) #10

Could we list some books that are of interest, and you choose a few, Jennifer, then we vote on them?

We could choose for more than one month for those who enjoy reading ahead.

(Jennifer D.) #11

Thank you so much for your ideas, @Elizabeth_of_Silver_s_Reviews!! I will give these some very serious thought.

We will have November and December off… it’s a tricky time of year for many, and discussion posts tend to drop off during these months.

I will definitely be strategizing about the book group reads for 2018, and am so happy for any ideas and input anyone wants to share!


(Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews) #12

Sounds good, Jennifer. Thank you.

(Kim@Time2Read) #13

Just wondering if we are going to start the book club back up, and if so, what we will be reading? I like to plan my reading out a couple of months in advance, when possible.

(Kate Minckler) #14

Hi Kim, thanks for bringing this up! Unfortunately, Jennifer will be unable to return to running the book club. We hope to get it up and running again as soon as we can find someone who would like to run it.

On that note, if any of you would be interested in joining our team and running the book club, please feel free to reach out to me at for more information. :slight_smile: