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(The Literary Sanctuary) #1

I wasn't sure where to put this but I wanted to put it out a post dedicated to Book Bloggers who want to let authors know that their out there waiting to review your work. So here we go... I guess I'll start...

Camryn McLarkey, Administrator/Chief Editor - The Literary Sanctuary

The website is not yet launched (it is a reboot of an old site) but will be launching in the next week or two. If you have any questions or would like to become a Sanctuary Contributor, e-mail us at

(Kate Minckler) #2

This is a great idea, Camryn!

Other bloggers, feel free to leave your details here so that authors can reach out to you, and we at Riffle can help direct traffic to your blogs :smiley:

(SERIESous Book Reviews) #3

I'm Lauren from SERIESous Book Reviews. I mostly focus on book series in the Young Adult and New Adult genres (with the occasional adult series here and there.) I also review standalones and brand new series as well.

You can find my blog here:
You can also email me at:

(Jorie) #4

Hallo, Hallo authors!

I am Jorie of Jorie Loves A Story!

I am a reader of a diverse array of stories which you can view in my Story Vault by Genres - everything from Historical Fiction (including Biographical Historical Fiction) to Romance (including Historical Romance, INSPY Rom & Contemporaries), Women's Fiction, Cosy Mysteries, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Cosy Horror*. I read limited non-fiction and poetry collections as well. Love short story anthologies! (esp for Sci-Fi & Fantasy!) Have a penchant for coming-of age stories within Young Adult & Middle Grade.

  • I have a definitive view about 'Cosy Horror', you'll find links to view on my Review Policy.

You'll see a full break-down of what I love to read on my Review Policy. Including why I am open to reading about different cultural backgrounds, my beliefs regarding Equality in Literature and why I am open to reading LGBTQIA Fiction & Non-Fiction.

Feel free to contact me through my blog (there is a form on my Review Policy) or get in touch with me via Twitter (i.e. DM chat).

Please note: I am a traditional reader (print books) as I do not read digitally. I am most keen on accepting review requests for end of Summer, early Autumn straight through til New Year 2017.

(Ilinalta) #5

Nice thread idea. I shall chime in with my own book review blog.


I'm Fuyu, otherwise known as DrAwkto. I have a personal wordpress blog where I talk about gaming, cooking, and my reading habits. My blog is still new to the wordpress community, but I am generating a few hundred views each month. I'm a fairly selective reader. I can recognize what is a good novel, but it doesn't necessarily mean I'll like the novel. Therefore, my reviews on my blog are more objective than it is subjective. I do link my goodreads review to each book review, so readers can see whether or not I liked the novel.

My favourite genres are fantasy, and contemporary. I enjoy reading both adult and young adult novels. I'm fairly open to the idea of reviewing other genres, except for horror; I enjoy nightmare free sleep.

Review Policy

There's a contact form on my review policy page and on my blog. If not, I can be contacted at @Superawkto on Twitter.

(Iryna Andriyevska) #6

Hi book fans,

Hope you won't miss my book.

The story of one little life that causes many feelings and thoughts in your soul. I promise a new adventure that will take you away from known reality and bring you to another part of life.

Half true, half fiction. This book is full of love, despair, cruelty, hope and madness, It will show the price of the live and happiness.

You'll visit another country and meet another people who will show you another life. The book leaves a lot to think about.

Please, leave the review after reading.

P.S. Available for free downloading till January.

With love,

(Michele Risner) #7

I'm not a great blogger...and have not been very consistent at it, but I do write some basic reviews on the books I read. I'm not sure that would qualify me as a book blogger, but here is my link anyway,

(Book-Aholic 420) #8

Here is my blog which i do Reviews & Interviews
Here is my review page on facebook

(Peter Gardner) #9


I'm new here and am finding it difficult to navigate. I'm not sure whether I'm replying to one person or posting to the thread in general. Anyway ...I'm an Australian, in my sixties.. retired but still looking for work. My interests are history, sport poetry and literature generally. I've recently started a blog at where I intend to do book reviews as well as other, more general posts. I've posted the grand total of one book review so far (it's also here on Riffle).

Would be glad to make contact with any of you.

(Steven Malone) #10

I've got a few book reviews poste on my website. View them at:

(Peter Gardner) #11

Thanks, Steven. I haven't read any of those. I'll take a look at some of

(Steven Malone) #12

You're welcome. I figure enough folks have reviewed War & Peace and Gone With The Wind.

(Peter Gardner) #13

That's a fair comment!

(The Literary Sanctuary) #14

EDIT: The Literary Sanctuary has been launched since summer. We are always looking for contributors and submissions which you can find under the following links:
For Review Policy and Submissions click HERE
To become a Contributor click HERE

(Steven Malone) #15

Keep us in the loop. I click on the link and get a "Page Not Found". But I do get the Policy and Submissions page.

(The Literary Sanctuary) #16

which page link isn't working?

(Steven Malone) #17

This one:

(The Literary Sanctuary) #18


(Steven Malone) #19

Got them. Thank you. Followed you on twitter. Liked your FB page on my author page.

(Shelf-employed) #20

I have been reviewing books at Shelf-employed since 2008. I review KidLit and YA mostly. You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter. I'm @shelfemployed.