Bookish Halloween Costumes

(Riffle Children's) #1

It's Halloween week, y'all! And what better way to celebrate than a favorite book...
Dressing up like your favorite book?

Check out these awesome kid lit costumes, (and these) and let us know - have you ever dressed up like a literary legend? Or any kids you know?

Mine are:
Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz
Snow White, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (okay, it was the Disney version, but I'm counting it)
And, as a bonus, I have friends who dressed up as Hermione and Fluffy from Harry Potter :smile:

(Sigrid ) #2

When, in first grade, the Halloween party required dressing up as a character in a book, my son, who doesn't like to dress up went as Harold, from Captain Underpants.

(BookBroad) #3

Mine is Pippi Longstocking

(Riffle Children's) #4

Found another great article with some book-inspired costumes - these are all made from hoodies, making them super comfy!

@Sigrid - very cool! My brother was a fan of Captain Underpants as a kid, and I always found them pretty funny myself. Did he have the super fluffy hair?

@BookBroad - To this day I have still not read Pippi, sadly enough, but I love her look! Must have been fun to put together.

@Adrielle @Neil_Baptista, either of you know kids who went bookish for Halloween?

(Neil Baptista) #5

We're reading reading this Pippi book right now.

My daughter is acting very nonchalant about Halloween at the moment. She's just got some cat ears. :cat:

(Riffle Children's) #6

Hey guys! the Riffle twitter shared a huge list of bookish costumes, and though not all are kid lit, I thought I'd share :)

Some of my favs from this list:

Nancy Drew and Joe Hardy

Strega Nona

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Fancy Nancy

Tintin and Captain Haddock

(Kate Minckler) #7

I saw this Tintin online a while ago and thought it was just the cutest!

(Christa Guild) #8

I dressed up as Nancy Drew the night before Halloween and Walt Whitman on Halloween! Everyone thought I was Charles Darwin or a prospector...

(Kate Minckler) #9

Just resurrecting this conversation to share our family’s efforts this year!

We’re The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe! :wink: Anyone else rocking a literary outfit for 2017?