Currently Reading (Fiction)

(Jennifer D.) #1

Here's a space to talk about which works of fiction you are currently reading. No need to limit ourselves to #FridayReads! :smiley:

I hope you will feel comfortable sharing your fiction reads here -- personal recommendations are always appreciated and this could be a great way to learn about new-to-us books, while growing out TBR lists!

(Jennifer D.) #2

At the moment, I am focusing on reading novels for Black History Month. I have two books underway: Some Great Thing, by Lawrence Hill, and Blanch Among the Talented Ten, by Barbara Neely. I am really enjoying both books. the "Blanche" series (I read the first book yesterday, Blanche On the Lam) has a wonderful main character and deals with very topical racial and social issues in such an engaging way.

Can't wait to hear about your reads!! :slight_smile:

(RiverTree Reads) #3

The Whistler by John Grisham. I know I should have read it in 2016, but there's so many good books!

(Jennifer D.) #4

Are you enjoying it so far, @RiverTree_Reads?

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #5

Because I feel that I need to read ALL the books, and because the library is throwing all the books I put on hold at me all at once - I have too many books on the go.

The Red Car is the second book that was picked for our in-person book club. It's a short one and so far it's okay, I'm listening to it on audio. The narrator is very pleasant to listen to.

Setting Free the Kites by Alex George. I so loved A Good American that he wrote a few years ago and I'm anxiously eager to settle down with this one. (Library book)

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee - I started this one a couple of days ago (only 25 pages in) and it's really good so far! I will get back to it as soon as I finish my library books.

War and Turpentine - a library book. Translated from Dutch.

(Neil Baptista) #6

Someone just put this book on my desk and implored me to read it. Can't argue with that.

Also, wanted to mention that if you just copy and paste the Riffle URL then it 'automagically' pulls the book in now. Yay. :slight_smile:

(Neil Baptista) #7

Prodigious!! I need to get on my horse here. :grin:

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #8

Oh great!! Thanks Neil - that makes it nice and easy to bring in the book descriptions! Yay thanks! :slight_smile:

(BookBroad) #9

I am currently on:

(Jennifer D.) #10

This is a FANTASTIC book, @Neil_Baptista!! I hope you are able to rad it soon and that you will find it great!

Love the new 'automatic' linking. YAY!!! :smiley:

(Jennifer D.) #11

I am always so impressed by readers who 'multi book', with several reads on the go at one time!! I hope you are enjoying your books, @BookBroad! :slight_smile:

(Jennifer D.) #12

I am really enjoying the 'Blanche White' series by Barbara Neely, and am already on book #3:

(RiverTree Reads) #13

Finished the Whistler. John Grisham never fails to produce good plots and great reads. Also, I don't think I had ever read a book about catching a "dirty" judge in criminal action.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #14

I'm continuing to read (enjoy) Setting Free the Kites. I hope to finish today and start reading the other, what?, four that are sitting here beside me. :wink:

(Jennifer D.) #15

We really need t-shirts that say "SO. MANY. BOOKS!" :joy:

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #16

Yes please!! I'll take one on a bookmark, mug, totebag, etc. too. :grin:

(Jennifer D.) #17

i began reading kindred yesterday. i am pretty late to this book, but glad to finally be reading it.

who else has read this - i'd love to know what you thought.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #18

I've had Kindred on my TBR forever! Are you enjoying it?

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #19

So I finished Setting Free the Kites on the weekend. Really very good - although I still love his book, A Good American more - SFTK was a quick and great read. Then I read and pretty much burned through The Wicked City by Beatriz Williams. The ending leaves a lot hanging and unanswered for me - but overall a good fast-paced read!

(Jennifer D.) #20

I finished it early this morning. Glad to have finally read it, and it's definitely an interesting premise. But I wasn't too thrilled by the writing. The writing was just... okay. I think because it took so long for me to get to this book, I had built it up in my head and expected the writing to be outstanding. :neutral_face: