Currently Reading (Fiction)

(Jennifer D.) #41

I hope it is a great read!

Your mention of the October Crisis... reminds me i have had this book on my shelf since its release in 2013... sigh.

So. Many. Books. :confounded:

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #42

I know! Me too! I put it on the TBR when it was longlisted for the Giller - and it's been sitting there ever since. :slight_smile: One of these days---right?

(Jennifer D.) #43

I had to set aside the patriots for now. it's not the book, it's me! haha. my focus and concentration are way, way off, so i was having trouble giving the meaty epic the attention it deserves.

so now i am on the hunt for something a bit lighter/easier, fun and well-written. this does seem to be a tricky terrain in which to find books.

any awesome recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!

thank you.


(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #44

Hmmmm - tricky indeed! I just saw this one is now out there: (it's a fairly new release though)

Just looking through books I put on a "For Later" Shelf that might be light and nice to read....

And I've had this one on my Kobo for years and years - I haven't read it yet, but I did read A Year of Marvellous Ways which was good too.

(Jennifer D.) #45

thank you so much fro those ideas, @Penny_Kollar!! i am going to check them out further!!

love the cover for the last pearl fisher of scotland.

(Jennifer D.) #46

How's everyone doing this week? Are you in an area getting hit by the snowstorm? If so, I hope you are all safe and cozy. I am in one of the areas -- though we were on the outer edge and weren't expected to get hit as hard. Still, we got so much less than was predicted. (Though areas west of us definitely got walloped!!)

What are you all reading today?

Last night, I began reading Heather O'Neill's The Lonely Hearts Hotel, and it sucked me in immediately - very vivid already!

(Jennifer D.) #47

The Lonely Hearts Hotel was so (SO!) good. it's definitely an odd and, at times, dark story - so i don't think it will work for everyone. but, man, did it work for me.

i am now reading butterflies in november. this one is quirky (in a good way).

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #48

I've just started So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum. So far it's been good, but I am only on page 10. :slight_smile:

(Janine Tabor) #49

How about comedy? The Cat Rule Book

(Cheri) #50

I've been focusing on knocking some of the older titles off my NetGalley list. I'm awful about nabbing titles that look good and then not getting to them for months. But the upside is that it may rekindle some interest in books that have been out for a while AND I can sometimes find the audiobook version at the library. :wink:

I finished this one yesterday and highly recommend it.

(Jennifer D.) #51

i can totally relate to this, @Cheri!! i try to be reasonable with my netgalley requests, but i do often end up having books expire before i get to them. :disappointed:

glad to hear your endorsement of picoult's latest. have you read a lot from her before? (I have not.)

(Cheri) #52

Small Great Things was my first but I doubt it'll be my last.

(Jennifer D.) #53

Ah, that's cool to hear. :slight_smile:

(Jennifer D.) #54

i started a new mystery series this weekend... and i am loving it!

the author is ausma zehanat khan. i've read the first two books already, and will start the third as soon as i sign off my computer. then, when i finished #3, i will be impatient as i wait for more from khan. so far, these are very smart, intriguing books that layer in a lot of big issues and information, but in such a sensitive and engaging way. they are also very timely for the state of the world right now. khan's background is really impressive. certainly her experiences add wonderfully to her writing.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #55

Yes, I agree! I read The Unquiet Dead and was very moved by it - very powerful. I read this one before the book, Girl at War and it certainly altered my experience for Girl at War. I don't think enough attention was given to The Unquiet Dead as it was being given to Girl at War. I really feel that The Unquiet Dead is a stronger read concerning the civil war in the former Yugoslavia.

I'm really looking foward to reading the other two in this series, and your strong opinion of them only make me want to hurry up and read them sooner rather than later!

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #56

Last night I raced to the end of Big Little Lies. Now that I'm finished I can tune into the HBO series and watch from the beginning. :slight_smile:

Today, I'll get started on a longlisted Bailey's Prize title, The Gustav Sonata.

(Jennifer D.) #57

I still have to read girl at war... but i am looking forward to it.

i did have the cellist of sarajevo in mind quite a bit while reading the unquiet dead.

you've totally made me reconsider big little lies, penny!! :slight_smile:

and.. YES! i have to get going on the gustav sonata too.


(BookBroad) #58

Rabbit Cake is a quirky, interesting read about grief, mental illness and coping with life in general. It's narrated by a ten year old girl named Elvis with an understandable fixation on the sleeping habits of animals.

(Jennifer D.) #59

I am so glad to see your endorsement for this book, @BookBroad. It keeps popping onto my radar lately. :slight_smile:

(Cheri) #60

I hadn't heard of it but I enjoyed Everything I Never Told You quite a bit.