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(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #101

Oh, so sorry to hear about your fur baby loss @Cheri! That's so sad.

I know! End of year madness has definitely hit! I don't feel like I've been able to devote a lot of time to reading. I did start a new audio which has been very good! The narrator is perfect for the voice of Hildy Good! It's been a good spot in my reading!

I'm also just starting The Lying Game by Ruth Ware. And I'm reading Americanah for the Riffle book club.

(Jennifer D.) #102

hi @Cheri!! so nice to hear from you here! i am very sorry to hear about your beloved fur child... having also recently gone through this very same heartbreak, i fully understand. you have my sympathy and my empathy!!

concerning 12 Days: the thread will remain open, so whenever you are able, we'd love to hear your thoughts! i hope it will be a book you can really get into.

very cool you have been managing some good audiobook time -- that's great!

(Jennifer D.) #103

i am so happy this one is giving you lots of enjoyment!! yay!!! :blush:

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #104

The library holds are pouring in! Of course!
I now have these two to read - both with a 7-day loan only!
Started on Grief Cottage and I like her writing style - but this is the shorter book and the library called again saying The Practice House was in. This is a bit more chunky so I started on it last night. Pretty good so far!

And I'm still listening to The Good House which truly is a wonderful audiobook.

(Jennifer D.) #105

haha!! OF COURSE!!! it seems to work out this way a lot, doesn't it??

i hope both books will be great reads for you.

(Cheri) #106

Finished The Night Circus - loved it! - and started listening to Cabal by Clive Barker. Nightbreed is one of my favorite horror movies of that time frame and it seems that it sticks to the book pretty well. At least from what I remember. It's been many years since I've seen it.

(Jennifer D.) #107

so happy to hear this, @Cheri! i read it when it first came out, but didn't know much about the story - other than it came out of a NaNoWriMo project (cool!) i ended up loving the novel and was happy for being so surprised by the enjoyment i got from reading it. (not sure if this makes sense... sometimes i just get really surprised by unexpected enjoyment when i read. usually when i have no or very low expectations.)

(Cheri) #108

Whenever possible, I try to know as little as possible about a book. Friend recommendations are so important! I love being surprised.

(Jennifer D.) #109

Same. I totally avoid reviews until I have had a chance to read a book for myself. I don't want to have outside information cluttering my head when I start reading a new book. With some books, though, it's hard to escape or avoid hearing the chatter/opinions, no matter how hard i try. :slight_smile:

(Jennifer D.) #110

i started reading jami attenberg's newest novel, all grown up. I really loved her book saint mazie, so i hope to enjoy AGU just as much!

what are you all reading lately?

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #111

I"ve got Deafening on the go now, my second hold for Grief Cottage is coming in today from the library, so I'll have that one to read next (that originally was a 7-day read only and so was The Practice House. So I had to return Grief Cottage and I can start it again after I finish Deafening!) :slight_smile:

I referenced The Practice House - which was a really good read for me! Here's the description for it:

(Myles ) #112

I've put a pin in a lot of the books I've been reading - I usually have 9 or 10 going at once, but sometimes weeks will go by between a particular one gets picked up! Actively reading Celeste Ng's upcoming Little Fires Everywhere and John Galsworthy's Modern Comedy for fiction at the moment.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #113

How are you finding Little Fires Everywhere @Myles? I'm highly anticipating that one!

(Jennifer D.) #114

me too!!! do let us know what you think of it, @Myles! thanks!! :grinning:

(Myles ) #115

Its fantastic, I had not been familiar with her writing before, but I've always been partial to coming of age stories and with darker-side-of-suburbia, I was hooked in the first chapter.

(Jennifer D.) #116

So great when that happens!! I hope the rest sustains for you!

(Cheri) #117

I loved Everything I Never Told You so I'm very much looking forward to Little Fires Everywhere!

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #118

Yes! Same here @Cheri! :slight_smile:

(Jennifer D.) #119

last night i finally finished reading a debut novel called the scribe of siena. i am just not sure about this book. it took me ages to read - normally i would get through a book this length in a few days, not a few weeks. once i put it down, i never felt hugely compelled to pick it back up. i did like parts of the story, but i feel like the author just tried to do too much with it. do you run into book like this very often??

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #120

I've had a few reading experiences like this recently. I really enjoyed parts of the book, but then I was also anxious for them to end, felt like they dragged it too long and could have wrapped it up much sooner so it had greater impact. I find when it takes too long to get through a book my rating and feelings for it are lowered. I'm finding it either clicks and stays clicking or it doesn't. If that makes any sense.

I'm currently reading Saints for All Occasions and enjoying it so far! It's a bit of a sad-type of story - like many Irish ones tend to be? Two sisters have left Ireland for Boston and this is their story - starting in 2009 and going back to the 50s when they first arrived in Boston.