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totally makes sense. i feel like this read, for me, won't be sticking around in my head at all, save for the frustrations i felt about it. total bummer!

oh - i have that sullivan book too... i feel i need something a bit perkier right now, to help with this reading funk i've got going one. heh!!


(Kim@Time2Read) #122

Aww. I'm sorry to hear that. It's been on my list, mainly because of the setting. But I have to admit I have been hesitant to pick it up. After reading your experience, I'm not sure I will. It sounds like one I might start and give up on.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #123

Today, I started listening to The Blind Assassin. It is on my Favourites List, and one of the three Atwood books I really liked (they are all her historical fiction ones, not the dystopian/sci-fi ones :slight_smile: ) The narrator, Lorelei King is really lovely so I'm listening to see if it stands up to my original love!

I'm also ripping through at a pretty good pace, Are You Sleeping. I was wary about it at the start because it's been compared to Ruth Ware, and while I loved, loved her first two books, her most recent one The Lying Game fell flat for me. I think I suffered Ruth Ware burnout because my feelings on the book are not what others have been feeling. :stuck_out_tongue:) But the style and structure of this one has made it a good one so far - mixed in with the story, told from Josie's point of view, are podcast transcripts, articles, social media (Twitter, Reddit) feeds, etc. So while I'm thinking I know where this is going, I'm enjoying the ride because of this structure and how the story is unfolding.

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I liked Ruth Ware’s In A Dark Dark Wood for the atmosphere, but like most thrillers I didn’t like how they wrap up. I might pick up her second, since it got to paperback we can hardly keep it in stock.

I’m thinking I’ll finish The Tale of Tales after over a year of slowly pecking away at it. It’s a fascinating collection of fairy tales from 17th century Italy. It has a envelope narrative where a wronged princess tricks her rival into throwing a festival of story-telling. It’s repetitive and the humor, except the scatological (of which there is a lot), needs footnotes to explain, but you really get a sense of who the people of southern Italy were.

Most of these are not great for children, but there are a few that could be picked out.

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I just finished The Pearl Thief last night - not too bad. Of course it was no Code Name Verity but it was a good story, if just a wee bit too long.

I haven’t cracked them open yet, but I’ve lined up two books to read:
The Valentine House and People of the Whale.

(Jennifer D.) #128

I am totally intrigued by People of the Whale too… also recently added it to the TBR list, after seeing it pop up on my feed!!

(Cheri) #129

I just stopped reading All the Ugly and Wonderful Things. The writing was great, the characters pretty compelling, but I couldn’t get past the relationship shared by what seemed to be a father-figure and a very young girl. It’s one of the very, very few things that will turn me away from a book.

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oh dear! i hope you have more success with your new read, @Cheri!

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i have two books on the go right now, both are proving quite enjoyable – which is making me happy. i’ve had a real run of ‘meh’ 2-star reads lately.

anyway, these are the books i’ve started this week, and i hope they continue to keep me engrossed!


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I’ve been reading Six Degrees of Freedom. I’m enjoying it and seeing where he’s taking us with these characters…they are two very different characters - one a younger girl and one serving her time working for the RCMP (she was an identity thief). How will these two come together? Will they come together? He writes wonderfully and the characters are all great!

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Thanks for the tip about using the Riffle URL for the book to get the cover.

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I just finished reading THE STOLEN MARRIAGE by Diane Chamberlain. Loved it.

I am currently reading SEVEN DAYS OF US by Francesca Hornak - good story line and characters. Marvelous writing for a debut novel.

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I must have misread what you said, because a book cover didn’t appear. :slight_smile:

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just ensure there is a return line before and after you paste in the url and that should do the trick for you. :slight_smile:

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I just started Crimes of the Father by Thomas Keneally. So far it’s good - he does have a very descriptive way of writing, or “dense” maybe - uses many descriptive, - is obtuse the right word? Heavy words, overly descriptive words? I’m probably not making sense. I’m about 25% of the way through so I’ve adjusted to his style of writing so it is flowing easier for me.

I also returned to the audio for Louise Penny’s Gamache series - this is the first I’ve listened to in audio since her mainstay narrator Ralph Cosham died a few years ago. :frowning: I’ve found I’ve really missed having this series read to me, even though I’m still adjusting to a Cosham-less narration.

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THANK YOU. I will see if I can edit it.

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looks like it worked! YAY!! :smiley:

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i am reading this one, right now… and really, really liking it a lot.