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(Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews) #141

It did…thank you so much, Jennifer.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #142

It was one of my 5-star reads this year Jennifer! I loved it! Robin and Beauty are fantastic characters! Excellent debut novel eh?

(Jennifer D.) #143

so good!! i love when i am blown away by an amazing debut!!

(Robert Moses) #144

Just read Sisterhood by Brian Herbert. I’m enjoying the trilogy that includes Mentats and Navigators, continuing the Dune prequel series. While he falls short of his father’s ability to put together a story, they are interesting as I enjoy being immersed in the Dune worlds. The characters are a little shallower and the stories have some small holes. But overall, they’re much better than the usual ebook tripe being put out like an avalanche of garbage.
Unfortunately, I find 90% of books painfully boring. If I can’t get into a story by page 50 or 60, I move on. 99% of the “recommended” books fall into that category. I read for enjoyment, not to be uncomfortable.There is enough of that crap in this rapidly decaying world. I want escape! Brian Herbert’s many prequels might be a bit on the shallow side (some are grossly shallow, but he is filling in a lot of the back story), but they are well written with very few errors and they hold my attention. Something most other books cannot do.

(Jennifer D.) #145

so… going through a bit of a time lately and my brain is pretty wonky. at times like this, i try to find books that are a comfort to me. weirdly (maybe?) i often find i turn to mystery books. yesterday, i went to bed super-early, and read all of louise penny’s newest ‘inspector gamache/three pines’ mystery. it was great to be back in the village with her wonderful characters!

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #146

I’m halfway through listening to the one before this one - A Great Reckoning. There is truly something very comforting about being in Three Pines, but also in reading this mystery series (I feel the same about reading Elizabeth George’s Inspector Lynley series and Jaqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs series) I’ve returned to audio for Louise Penny - it’s how I’ve always enjoyed her books and that as well is a great source of contentment for me. I’m really enjoying A Great Reckoning!

Hope this weekend lifts the rough times @Jennifer_D!! :frowning:

(Jennifer D.) #147

two series i’ve heard such great things about from several people… i’ll really have to look into them more seriously. :slight_smile:

thank you – i hope so too!!

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #148

Both are so great! Elizabeth George is usually like clockwork every 2 years with a new Inspector Lynley, but it would have meant one was due out this year (2017) and there’s been nothing showing on her website to announce a new one. Where is she? What is going on? I’m really hoping good news about a new one coming in 2018 is around the corner?

These series are ones to definitely read in order too! For sure Elizabeth George’s - and they’ve gotten much chunkier in recent years too. LOVE IT! And the same with Maisie Dobbs - there would be plenty to not get, I think, if reading out of order.

(Jennifer D.) #149

awesome!! i tend to read series in order because i feel it’s important to do that… whether others say it doesn’t matter. hahaha. my mum and i were just having this discussion yesterday about peter robinson’s inspector ian banks series. for some reason, the publisher sent me the new one… which i think is book #24? i haven’ tread any of them. but my mum has read ALL of them, so i passed the new one along to her yesterday. but with her encouragement, i will start at #1 and see if i like it. she LOVES it and was thrilled for the new one. :smiley:

(Jennifer D.) #150

i started reading this one yesterday – the first book in the series was some good, escapist fun, and i am hoping for a similar experience with this 2nd instalment. i’ve had a string of ‘meh’ reads this month so need something really good!!

this is the first novel in the series:

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #151

I started two “Halloween” flavoured kind of reads today :slight_smile: :jack_o_lantern:

The Loney is working better for me - the writing is very good - but The Rules of Magic is kind of so-so. :frowning: I’m hoping it improves, but the magic Hoffman cast over me in The Dovekeepers has been absent in her previous one last year and this one too. Bummer.

Faithful is the one she wrote last year - very YA and basic feeling to me. :frowning: Bummer bum bum.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #152

GREAT NEWS! :relaxed::relaxed: Here I was wondering if Elizabeth George would be releasing the next in the Lynley series and she will be! March 2018 - seems so far away - but I’ll wait patiently. The Punishment She Deserves #20 in the series. Hurray.

(Cheri) #153

I’m reading The Alienist by Caleb Carr. I read the first half or so several years ago but had to put it down for some reason. I enjoyed what I read quite a lot so I’m looking forward to finishing it this time. Very interesting!

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #154

I’m certain I read this one (The Alienist) years ago. I’m sure it was this one. For some reason I think I get it mixed up with Anne Perry novels…it was so long ago that I read it. I do remember liking it though.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #155

I’m about to get started on This is How it Ends by Eva Dolan.
This was also chosen as our in-person book club pick.

(Kim@Time2Read) #156

I just started a Netgalley copy of this one

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #157

I’m just starting with Sophie’s Choice and I’m listening to Mother Land - which is going to be 23 hours of audio! :flushed: This will be the longest audiobook I’ve ever listened to - we’ll see how I hold up! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: