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(mamatwomousers) #21

I am sorely lacking in non-fiction reading. One of the best books I read was Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. I wasn't "dry or boring" in any way. It was always hard to put the book down to do such mundane things such as work :). Does anyone have any suggestions for non-fiction boos that read like fiction? Thanks.

(Jennifer D.) #22

Hi, @mamatwomousers! I also really enjoy nonfiction that reads like a great novel. A few suggestions for you to consider, from my own reading:

(Jennifer D.) #23

I am reading Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science, by Atul Gawande, and it's great! I read his book Being Mortal fairly recently and was very taken with his style and openness. I feel Being Mortal is one of those books everyone would benefit from reading.

(BookBroad) #24

I just finished Rob Lowe's autobiography, "Things I Tell My Friends." It was an interesting, mostly candid, in turns funny and poignant, memoir. There were several anecdotes involving other stars and family members throughout the books. Lowe's descriptions of the workings of Hollywood and various directors made me view some of my favorite movies in a different way. I also appreciated his plain, straight-forward way of describing the moment in which he hit bottom and realized he had to change if he was going to have any kind of life.

(Heather McKay) #25

Ezra, you will enjoy Mary Roach's book. She has a knack for injecting a bit of humor effortlessly into scence. Her other books Bonk and Stiff do the same ( her book Spook you can pass on, weakest of her titles).

(Jennifer D.) #26

Read any good nonfiction lately? :smiley:

For 2016, I didn't read as many as I usually do in a year, so hope to do more of it in 2017. Two standout NF books for me, from last year, were:
* Year of Yes, by Shonda Rhimes, and
* Between the World and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates

In 2017, I have already read Anna Kendrick's memoir, Scrappy Little Nobody, which was only okay.

I started Birds, Art, Life, by Kyo Maclear the other day. I think this is going to be a wonderful read -- I am just waiting for the weekend when I can focus fully on it and take it all in.

Can't wait to hear what you all have been loving in NF!


(Peter Gardner) #27

I'm reading The Age of Genius - The Seventeenth Century and the Birth of the Modern Mind by AC Grayling. I've always been interested in that period because so many of today's political and social themes can be traced back to the 1600s. This book particularly interests me bacause the author is a philosopher, not a historian, so the perspective is a little different.

(Justin Robinson) #28

I normally don't read non-fiction, but I do have two books sitting in my to-read queue that I hope to get to in the next few weeks:

Economics In One Lesson, by Henry Hazlitt
Barbarians, by Lauren Southern

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #29

I have a great many of NF titles on my shelves at home - but my reading of them has been sorely lacking.
This year, well, really, last year I added a great many number of NF titles to my TBR list and just today I added:
Mad Enchantment: Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies by Ross King

I have so many more - I need to go and catalogue the ones I have and want to read for sure this year. Definitely want to increase my NF reading this year.

(Jennifer D.) #30

I have that book by King too, @Penny_Kollar!! :slight_smile: It was just shortlisted for the RBC Taylor Prize... so I am thinking I should bump it up the TBR pile. #SoManyBooks

(Jennifer D.) #31

I hope you will enjoy them, @Justin_Robinson!

(Jennifer D.) #32

Sounds interesting, @Peter_Gardner!

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #33

Yes, I saw it there, but didn't read too much about it. Then I saw it again today :slight_smile: and thoroughly read the description - it sounds great! So I added it AND my library has copies in. Yay.
Yes! #SoManyBooks

(Jennifer D.) #34

I already love Monet's work, so I hope it will be a great read!

(Jennifer D.) #35

Anyone have a terrific nonfiction read underway, or finished recently?

A couple of weeks ago, for my in=person book club, I read The Golden Spruce, by John Vaillant. It was really interesting and we had a great discussion about so many different topics.

(RiverTree Reads) #36

NO BIKING IN THE HOUSE WITHOUT A HELMET by Melissa Fay Greene - For anyone who has adopted, is thinking about adopting, or knows people who have or are adopted or people with big families - this book is a fun read! I have an adopted grandson from Ethiopia is why I first picked up this book. Melissa's story is so unbelievable you know it is real. She is fun to read and she is an inspiration.

(Jennifer D.) #37

Sounds like a great book, @RiverTree_Reads! SO glad you found it helpful and inspiring. :slight_smile:

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #38

My intention this year was to read more non-fiction! I haven't gotten there yet - but I have some fantastic NF sitting on my shelf that I absolutely want to get to soon. There are so many amazing NF titles that I'm anxious to read - need to make more time to fit it in this year!

(BookBroad) #39

Rocket Girls by Nathalia Holt

(Jennifer D.) #40

All of the books you are mentioning sound great!!! Mt. TBR grows again!! :smiley: