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(Jennifer D.) #41

I started my day with a quick read, and quite enjoyed it. I had seen Adichie's TED talk before so the book wasn't totally new-to-me. Still, definitely worth reading.

(Jennifer D.) #42

over the weekend, i read jenny lawson's latest book furiously happy. i enjoyed it so much. though she's writing about a lot of difficult stuff, her humour and the way she tells her stories are just so entertaining.

(Jennifer D.) #43

i am currently reading deirdre kelly's book on this history of ballerinas. so far, it's quite interesting. (though i am a former bunhead... so... :blush:)

(Janine Tabor) #44

Non-fiction is a vast arena, how could anyone choose a single favorite book? I've read some great biographies, have favorite cookbooks, I'm interested in areas of science and in history, where could I even start?

I like learning new things. And lets not forget humor! I also take an interest in Philosophy and metaphysics and just have informative books to learn how-to on any number of subjects. How to juggle, how to understand the stock market, A Curious Guide to London is sitting next to me.

(Jennifer D.) #45

Thanks for joining the nonfiction chat, @Janine_Tabor!! It is a great reading zone, for sure, and so much to learn and enjoy thanks to nonfiction authors.

I hope you will share some of your favourites here as you are reading.


(Janine Tabor) #46

One of the strangely interesting things I've discovered is biographies. I'm not the sort of person who reads about celebrities in magazines, but certain people in the public eye have interested me enough to read about them.

Let's see if I can find some of the ones I've read...

This one needs a book cover

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #47

I just started reading this one the other day, and it's going to be one I finish in no time!
It's really good so far - reads like almost like crime novel. It's this interesting blend of memoir and murder story.
The Fact of a Body:

(Jennifer D.) #48

i have this new book planned for sometimes really soon (it's in my #20BooksOfSummer pile)... has anyone read it already?

(Myles ) #49

After staring at it for years on my shelves I've finally gotten into Neil Miller's anecdotal history Out of the Past: Gay and Lesbian History from 1869 to Present. Its a little too much of an overview, but I'm picking up some great tidbits of information.

@Penny_Literary_Hoarders I've been wanting to pick up The Fact of a Body since I heard the author give a reading. I see you reviewed it, have you had any further thoughts about it? It's too bad the two halves didn't blend well, it sounded like a fantastic idea.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #50

Hi @Myles!
I was good, and I see what she was trying to do, I just don't know if I really "felt" it- I think she could have written her memoir on its own - it was fascinating and interesting to read about. She could have also written the true crime part on its own too. The memoir part of it is well done, I understand she's working through her memories, emotions and how she feels about working on a case that hits home personally - but it felt mashed in there and in the end I didn't really get why that case was as mashed into her own story as it was. The case itself is also very interesting, but then it seems to unravel, or the connection with her memoir part of it unravels - lots of unanswered questions posed throughout the book that I didn't think were answered. I think I'm in the minority for my opinion, it's just...I don't know...I didn't feel it worked out well for me. If my babbling has made any sense.

I did see posts on @Litsy where people had gone to hear her read and came away fascinated and I think that helped with their love for the book. So many times the author's perspective/information/reading on the book helps elevate it so much!

(Jennifer D.) #51

Isn't this so true?? I had that experience when seeing Rachel Cusk. I respected 'Outline', but didn't love it. Then, when I had the chance to see/hear her at an event, that added much more to the book for me and I came away liking the novel more.

(Myles ) #52

Thank you for the response! I guess I've read and seen similar things in the past that have combined two good elements to make something less than the whole. I'll probably still read it, but I'll keep your comments in mind.

And its true, hearing an author speak about their work gives you a personal stake in it and its hard to keep distance after that.

(Jennifer D.) #53

i haven’t read any NF recently… but i have my in-person book club meeting this friday evening, so i am taking along a couple of NF reads for the group’s consideration.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #54

Yes! I am planning on bringing some non-fiction titles to my in-person book club in November too!

These are some of the ones I’m thinking of pitching:

(Brendan Schlagel) #55

Almost finished reading this — excellent, powerful graphic novel trilogy on John Lewis’ life and the civil rights movement: