Favorite YA Books

(Sandy E) #21

There are so many awesome titles but here is a selection of some of my favorites titles from the past few years:
All the Bright Places - Nivens
Six of Crows - Bardugo
Orbiting Jupiter - Schmidt
Salt to the Sea - Sepetys
Game of Love and Death - Brockenbrough
Ember in the Ashes - Tahir
I'll Give You the Sun - Nelson
Winger - Smith
Rose Under Fire - Wein
Reality Boy - King
Truth About Alice - Mathieu

Some of my favorite series -
Legend - Lu
Throne of Glass - Mass
Lunar Chronicles - Meyer
Chaos Walking - Ness
Divergent - Ross
Hunger Games - Collins
Ascendance Trilogy - Nielsen
Darker Shade of Magic - Schwab
Fifth Wave - Yancey
The Program - Young
Half Bad Trilogy - Green
Red Rising - Brown
Remnant Chronicles - Pearson
Selection - Cass
Shattered Sea - Abercrombie

(Angie Saylor) #22

We have several series in common. I just started the Selection series and so far love it. I have been wanting to read it for a long time, but just kept putting it off. She came to the book store I go to a lot and so I went and met her and got the books.
I really liked the Legend series, Hunger Games, and Divergent.
I have seen a lot of talk about Salt to the Sea. What would you compare it to?

(Sandy E) #23

Salt to the Sea has some similarities to Sepetys' earlier novel Between Shades of Gray. There are other WW II YA novels that are also excellent: Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein and Prisoner of Night & Fog and Conspiracy of Blood & Smoke by Anne Blankman. I loved Salt to the Sea, the characters and the historical details that Sepetys includes in her books. She writes about events that are not well-known, including them in plots that are very engaging.

(James Fillip) #24

I love "Enslaved by illusions" by Iryna Andriyevska

(Justin Robinson) #25

If I might throw my own hat in the ring, I wrote a YA horror novel called The Good Fight which is still available to download for free until the end of October :slight_smile:

It includes teen-appropriate scares, a dystopic modern Toronto setting, a strong female protagonist and what I hope are insightful lessons about bullying and oppression.

(The Literary Sanctuary) #26

I'm right there with you on the VA series. I also thought Mead's Bloodlines series hit it out of the park and I dare say that I even thought it beat the VA series for me.

I know it's controversial but I loved Roth's Divergent series as well. I know the ending made a lot of people angry but I like how she put some reality into it at the end - not all stories have happy endings. The books were way better than the movies.

(mwooduff) #27

I thoroughly enjoyed An Ember in the Ashes and the 2nd book A Torch in the Night by Sabaa Tahir, can't wait to read the next one.

(Janine Tabor) #28

I don't read a lot of YA, but I do like some with more mature writing. By that I don't mean sex! Just literary competence. Some I have really enjoyed:

The Flight of the Griffin by C.M. Gray
Demoniac Dance by Jaq D. Hawkins
Bloodfire by Helen Harper

I look for out-of-the-box lesser known books and find some real hidden treasures.

(SERIESous Book Reviews) #29

I still have to read A Torch in the Night but I've only heard good things. Hopefully I can get my hands on a copy in the next few months!