(Cheri) #181

Going Clear is on my TBR list. I’ve seen the documentary on HBO twice and just find it all fascinating. I finished Troublemaker about an hour ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I bet you’d enjoy it. She seems to be brutally honest and she’s got a sense of humor that I definitely appreciate.

(Jennifer D.) #182

Happy Friday!!

I hope you have had a great week, and that the weekend ahead will offer you some lovely reading time!

In my area, the temperatures have cooled off a little bit this week, and I have noticed a few tress already changing colours. I love the Fall, so I am pretty excited for September and October! I have also been seeing many “Fall Reading” articles and lists already – which is also always exciting.

So this week, I have two questions:

  1. What is your Friday Reads book for today?
  2. Are there any new books you are really anticipating this Fall? (Or any reading traditions you have for the new season? Perhaps you revisit a beloved classic novel, or cozy down with a favourite series?)

(‘fall books’ illustration by Anya Ulinich.)

Happy reading!



(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #183

Oh my goodness I absolutely love, love the Fall! Most favourite time of the year! Sweaters! Pumpkin, apple and cinnamon smells! Yay!

Right now I have Six Degrees of Freedom on the go - quite enjoying it and intrigued to see where he’s taking us with this story.

There are so many books I’m looking forward to reading soon!
I do have checked out of the library two books that were on my anticipated reading for the Fall:

And Fall brings so many book award lists doesn’t it? So yay!


(Jennifer D.) #184

RIGHT??? so excited for those too!!!

(Jennifer D.) #185

i finished this novel last night

i found it a pretty good, escapist read. the ending was a bit soft for me, but i mostly enjoyed this one!

i am reading this novel now

as far as most anticipated new books this fall… or for september, anyway… :blush:

(Jennifer D.) #186

It’s Friday! And, for many, it’s the Friday of a long weekend!! Do you have lovely plans for the next few days? I hope there is some great reading time ahead for you.

Not to rush it – though September and October are my favourite months of the year – but a crispness has returned to the air here, and it’s feeling very Fall-like. YAY!!

So… tell us: what are you reading today? Do you have any recent recommendations you’d love to share with us?

As a reminder, our September book club selection is The Last Neanderthal, by Claire Cameron.

Our reading and discussions kick off today – please join us this month! It should be terrific.

Happy reading!

(I tried to find the original source for credit, but wasn’t successful. This looks like such a lovely moment!)

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #187

It certainly feels like Fall here today! Had to pull out a hoodie! I love it. :fallen_leaf::kissing_closed_eyes:

I started reading Alison Pick’s latest, Strangers With the Same Dream and it’s been a very good read for me right now. It has these hints of The Book Thief/The LovelyBones - there is a narrator that pops in sometimes that has passed away and we’re slowly finding out what happened to her. Little hints of The Dovekeepers too.

Another quick hold came in for me from the library too and then I will also be reading the book club’s book! So many books! So many. :slight_smile:
The Bettencourt Affair is the one from the library - has to be a quick read too since there are many waiting in line for it.

(Jane D) #188

I nestled into the Riffle monthly read last night and am really enjoying it.

But as I will be attempting to read that on a schedule I will need something else.

One possibility is my next in person book club read:

Another option is the ARC copy of:

I may opt for the second option as I think in my head it will be harder to scramble a story line about a Neanderthal girl and a heist on the moon.:grinning:

(Jennifer D.) #189

sounds like some great options you both have going on, @Jane_Dixon and @Penny_Literary_Hoarders!!

i am also trying to decide what to read while The Last Neanderthal is in progress. decisions. decisions. :rofl:

I have this book on the go at the moment, but I haven’t gelled with it very well.

(Jennifer D.) #190


how are you all doing this week? i hope you are all safe and well.

what are you reading today? have you read anything absolutely terrific lately that you would like to recommend to us? we love hearing your endorsement for great books!

(lovely image, ‘autumn’, by david pintor)

Happy reading!

(Jennifer D.) #191

friday!! yay!!! :tada:

time for our weekly #FridayReads fun – what are you reading today?

fall certainly is a book lover’s dream – so many new books being published at this time of year, along with the start of book awards season.

is this your favourite time of year in the book world?

happy reading, all!!

autumn reading

(found this fun image on pinterst, but have not been able to source it back to its creator for credit, unfortunately.)

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #192

The avalanche of books is overwhelming! So So Many Books! :relaxed:
They are everywhere in the house right now - really, really need to get a handle on what to read!

But yay! It’s Friday so that means we have a weekend ahead of us! It’s supposed to be beautiful weather wise, so maybe I can sneak in the final days of reading outside this weekend???

I’ve been mainly reading The Last Neanderthal for our book club, and I’ve kind of put aside, but really truly do want to get back to it, The Unlikely Redemption of John Alexander. I am loving John Alexander!

On my computer at work, I’ve been taking breaks and reading What Happened by HRC. It is a very personal book, I am enjoying and she is letting it all go/out/ etc. There are times when I feel she is doing what I think we feel we have to do as women - explain ourselves, explain the reasons why, explain everything - like she has to defend her reasons for running for president, - I don’t think she needs to explain that - you know what I mean? But I did just finish one phenomenal chapter which I think should be necessary reading for everyone, no matter what your feelings towards HRC are - very powerful and excellent chapter. It was called “On Being a Woman in Politics”.

(Jennifer D.) #193

RIGHT?? omg! same thing over here at my place… piles upon piles, and no room left on my bookshelves. book problems… we have them! :joy:

you’ve got some great reads on the go!! i hope they all hold up for you.

(Jennifer D.) #194

Welcome to the first full day of Autumn! And happy Friday too!

What are you reading today?

The Fall book award season certainly kicked into gear this past week, with the National Book Awards announcing their nominees, as well as seeing the longlist for Canada’s $100,000 Giller Prize announced, and the Writer’s Trust Prize for Nonfiction shortlist. PHEW!

Do you follow book awards?

Hope you are able to take e moment to say hello, and share some book chat with us!

Happy reading!!


Lovely illustration by Andrew Davidson; originally published in the Wall Street Journal, for their Fall book preview.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #195

I love book award lists!! I’m in fact reading one from the Giller Prize longlist right now!
This longlist seems highly unusual, or maybe more than previous years - with some titles seemingly to come out of left field!

The one I’m reading right now has been very good so far however: Minds of Winter by Ed O’Loughlin

Happy Friday! Happy 1st Day of Fall, even though we’re experiencing July-like temperatures! Boooo. I love my fall weather! :relaxed::apple::fallen_leaf:

(Jennifer D.) #196

i had only read one book on the giller list, rachel cusk’s ‘transit’. but i’ve now read another, too. i found ‘i am a truck’… odd.

(Jennifer D.) #197

and, i hope you all don’t mind but i am going to tag a few people who have been active in our discussion space in the past, in the hopes you will take a moment to join in on our discussion this week. thank you!!

the thread is always open, so don’t worry about only commenting on fridays! :wink:

@Kate_Minckler @Jane_Dixon @Janine_Tabor @Kim @BookBroad @Cheri @Neil_Baptista @Kenny_Meyer @Elizabeth_M_Nosal @karenbrissette @Elizabeth_M_Nosal @RiverTree_Reads @Riffle_Horror

(Cheri) #198

Hey Jennifer! Life has been truly crazy and my discussion time has been slashed. Thanks for tagging me!

I’m reading an ARC right now of a light romance called Eyes Like Those but have a load of others that I want to get to. So many books!

(Jennifer D.) #199

So happy to hear from you, @Cheri! I hope you get a few moments to breathe over the next while!!

so many books, indeed!! it’s such a problem! :joy:

(Though, it really can be. I have so many unread books, and yet am always enticed by all the shiny, new books!!)

(Kim@Time2Read) #200

I don’t really follow book award lists. I may glance at them to see what I’ve read or what I plan to read that may be on the list, but these lists aren’t really a source of reading ideas for me.

For my book club I am reading

I am also reading a review copy of