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Hello @Jennifer_D

Thanks for tagging me. I’m afraid I didn’t catch this thread before. Now I know it’s here I’ll show up more often. :nerd_face:

Today I’ve been listening to two audiobooks:

This is what I would call a literary haunted house story. It is psychological because you get to see how a few seemingly supernatural occurrences tear apart an already strained relationship . . . or maybe they aren’t all that supernatural after all? Is the house haunting Julie and James or are they haunting themselves?

Amy McFadden reads the chapters that are narrated by Julie while Michael David Axtell reads the chapters that are James’. Many times two narrators don’t work for an audiobook but this one is ideally suited for two. They do a great job of making Julie and James come alive with their deliverance and Jemc’s words.

I’m also listening to:

Which is a wonderful short novel for fans of the urban fantasy detective novels like Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files or Lucy A. Snyder’s Jessie Shimmer Series (Spellbent, Shotgun Sorceress and Switchblade Goddess) – in other words the delightfully over-the-top-with-magic-and-monsters type of urban fantasy series.

Marc Vietor reads this audiobook and his voice is a little too deep. After about an hour I need to stop and give my ears a rest. However, the story is simple enough that I can be doing other things and not miss a thing.

(Jennifer D.) #202

Ooh! how are you finding each of these books?

it’s amazing how many different ways books come across our radar. i do pay attention to some book award lists, but also love word-of-mouth recommendations a lot to help guide my reading.

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Thanks for the tag. My notifications have been lists of books rather than discussion posts, so I’ve had nothing to respond to.

My current read: Dead Sea by Tim Curran. It’s an excellent Horror story with supernatural aspects and sea monsters!

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I finished The Diplomat’s Wife and we discussed it last night. I found it to be a pretty good - but not great - read. The rest of my book club rated it much higher. Maybe because I’ve read a lot of WWII era fiction and much of it was better, or maybe it’s because my book club, as a group, favors ‘feel-good’ books and I like ‘makes-me think’ books. I will way, the end was very fast-paced and suspenseful.

The Stolen Marriage got off to a little bit of a slow start, but after a few chapters, I am finding it hard to put down. I think it will make a great book for book club discussions!

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Great idea tagging us, Jennifer! It can be so easy to forget to share what book worlds we’re immersed in.

I found Lisa See’s

on my Kindle and I’m about a third of the way through it this weekend. It’s a bit more romancey than I normally read but I was intrigued by the supernatural elements and Chinese history. This is the first Lisa See book I’ve read, I haven’t made up my mind about her yet. :wink:

(Jennifer D.) #206

i hope the book will work out for you, and that you will want to read more from her! i find her a good storyteller. i know @Penny_Literary_Hoarders is a big fan! :smiley:

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heh! this seems to be a common occurrence with my in-person book club too. makes for good discussion though. what are you reading next with your club?

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For awesome Lisa See-ness you really must read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. This is my all-time fave! :slight_smile:
There is also a pair of books she wrote: Shanghai Girls and Dreams of Joy. (Dreams of Joy takes a more political approach though - very excellent, but more political than she normally writes)

Peony in Love was okay – but seriously – Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is the way to go @Kate_Minckler!! (Just don’t EVER watch the movie. It’s completely ridiculous! Our book club got the awesome opportunity to talk to Lisa See and even she was laughing at it, saying how horrible it was.)

And I would maybe steer you clear of China Dolls too. That just wasn’t her best at all. :frowning: (pretty cheesy stuff)

(Jennifer D.) #209

Happy Friday everyone!!

What are you reading today? Did you read any great book this week you want to tell everyone about? (I hope so!)

As a reminder, our October book club kicks off this weekend. Please take a look – we’d love to have you join us for this one!

I think The History of Bees will appeal to many readers, and I am excited to dig into a bit more of a genre-y selection with you all.

Happy reading!

(Illustration: Autumn by, AlfredoCaceres)

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #210

Great illustration!

Happy Friday!

I’m about 30% through Brother by David Chariandy and enjoying it quite a bit!

After this one – there is an avalanche of books waiting to be read! I did buy History of Bees (even though doh! I have the e-book) so I will get started on that one for sure.

Our in-person book club is meeting tonight and I’m bring History of Bees as an option too.

Enjoy your weekend! It’s finally getting closer to Fall-like temps so yay!

(Jennifer D.) #211

i read this this week as well… i LOVED it. it was my first time reading david chariandy, and i found his writing beautiful.

(Cheri) #212

Started a new ARC today and am liking it. I’m just waiting to see how it twists and turns. I know it can’t be what it seems. The husband is just too good to be true!

(Jennifer D.) #213

Oooh – sounds interesting. I hope it keeps you on edge and surprise you!

(Jennifer D.) #214

happy friday the 13th!

how are you all doing? what are you reading?

now that we are well into october, do you take on any spooky, gothic, or ‘festive’ reading because of halloween?

let us know your recommendations – you know we love to hear them!


image found on pinterest, can’t track original artist.

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Ooooo…Just finished this book. LOVED it!!

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Love this graphic/photo. Thanks for sharing.

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How do you start a new comment or do I just press reply at the bottom?

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Love the photo!! Thanks for sharing…so cute.

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Adorable photo…love both characters.

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I am looking forward to reading this book.