(Jennifer D.) #241

HAHAHA!!! oh my goodness! well, good luck with that. :joy:

(Jane D) #242

I hope it is okay to reply a day late!!

I am still reading the discussion book and have some catching up to do!

From the library the following arrived

This one feels like a good fall read:

These have received a great deal of praise:

Then there is an ARC copy of:

So many options!!! I am happy it is a grey rainy day. Perfect for fire-side reading.

(Jennifer D.) #243

absolutely!!! i really want to read humphrey’s book. and i LOVED chariandy’s. so good! i was so sad it didn’t make the giller shortlist. :frowning:

(Kate Minckler) #244

Thank you so much for the tips, Penny!! I’ll definitely add these to TBR mountain. :smiley:

(Kate Minckler) #245

Happy Friday, everyone!! I’m stepping in for the wonderful @Jennifer_D today to ask… what are you reading?!

I don’t know where Jennifer finds her beautiful paintings, but I liked this one from William Tolliver. :slight_smile:

(Kate Minckler) #246

I’m currently reading our book club pick (I’m a little behind!):

But I have this little beauty sitting on my coffee table, which I will be diving into as soon as I can!

His Dark Materials is one of my all-time favourite series so I’m super excited!!

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #247

Hi Kate! Happy Friday!!

I decided to read some Halloweeny kind of reads …not too over the top or anything, but I have The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley and The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman.

I think for the Hoffman (I’ve been listening to the audiobook) once I finish The Loney I’ll read the book for The Rules of Magic. The narrator isn’t that great to my ears and I think it will ruin the reading experience. I’m not enjoying the narration and I don’t want that to affect my reading of Hoffman.

Happy weekend! :jack_o_lantern::ghost:

(BookBroad) #248

(Kate Minckler) #249

Happy Friday!! Our apologies for letting these posts slide the past couple of Fridays - we are having to cope without the irreplaceable @Jennifer_D for a time, so bear with us. :wink:

What are you reading today? Are you starting in on your holiday reads yet?


Painting by Oliver Hurst

(Kim@Time2Read) #250

I haven’t started it yet, but I just picked this one up for our December book club selection.

And I’m in the middle of this one.

(Kate Minckler) #251

It’s the first Friday of 2018! Happy New Year, Rifflers. :slight_smile: Here’s hoping it’ll be a year filled with wonderful books.

What are you reading today?

Beautiful illustration found here.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #252

Hi Kate,
There’s been some trouble getting into the Discussions on Riffle - so my response is a week late - and geez tomorrow will be another Friday Reads! :blush:

anyway - I’ve started a whole bunch of books, but my library hold came in for The Immortalists, so I have only 7 days to read it. Should not be a problem since I’m pretty engrossed in it!

(Kim@Time2Read) #253

I’m halfway through a couple of books at the moment; 1 print and 1 on my iPad.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #254

I finished The Immortalists on Friday and returned to the book I was reading before that library hold showed up!

I’m over half way through All the Winters After and I’m also reading the short story collection All the Beloved Ghosts. I’m listening to Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand. (although it’s very good, Simonson’s The Summer Before the War made me swoon and will remain my very favourite by her.)

(Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews) #255

Ok,thanks, Cheri.

The Wife Between Us was good, but nothing great.

(susan saeugling) #256

I’m reading Elevate by Joseph Deitch