(Jennifer D.) #41

I am in a bit of a funky brain space, so in need of some lighter, less-taxing books.

I began reading the 2nd book in Deanna Raybourn's "Veronica Speedwell" series. The first was enjoyable, so I am hoping this one is a fun escape too!

book 2:

book 1:

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #42

Happy Friday! Looking forward to spending the evening and weekend reading by the fire!
I've got two on the go at the moment, one I just started reading last night: The Invisible North and for our book club Big Little Lies.

In audio I'm reading Straight Man - I see I can get a hardcopy from the library, so I may finish it up this weekend in paper format. It's very funny and I'm enjoying the campus setting/humour.

(Jennifer D.) #43

i am SO happy straight man is working for you, penny!! i wonder if anyone else gets nervous when a friend reads a book you love? (nervous because you want them to love it too, and not think it a dud!) :joy:

ooof! i have heard good things about invisible north - that's a tough one!

will you watch any of the adaptation for big little lies, do you think? i hope the read goes well - and your book club meeting for it.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #44

Our plan was to read the book first and then binge watch the series. My one friend has already watched the first 3 episodes and said it's been very good (after I yelled at her for watching it without the rest of us!) :smile:

Yes, I'm cracking up many times over Straight Man! Thanks for the recommendation!

(Cheri) #45

I'm working on The Fifth Season and digging it. It's been a bit since I've read epic fantasy and this one has some unique things going on. I'm looking forward to moving forward with it.

(Cheri) #46

Ok, I have to ask... How are you getting the cool book image/info box in the posts? I feel inadequate and need to know. :wink:

(Jennifer D.) #47

Hi Cheri.

If you just directly copy and paste the URL from the Riffle Books page right into your comment, it will post the image and link for you, no html coding, or special formatting required. I have found that a return space before and after the link makes thing go smoothly.

It's a neat little feature. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you! :blush:

(Jennifer D.) #48

I have been recording it, but haven't watched it yet. Nor have I red the book yet. Again, I say: SO. MANY. BOOKS! :joy:

(Cheri) #49

Woot! Thanks. I love it.

(Jennifer D.) #50

You're welcome!! :blush:

(Jennifer D.) #51

Welcome to #FridayReads -- St. Patrick's edition! :four_leaf_clover:

Along with hoping you will share with us what you are reading today, I am also hoping you will recommend your favourite Irish book?

Yesterday, I created a list of Contemporary Irish Novels. Have you read some of these? Is there an Irish author you love or a book set in Ireland you wish more people would read? Tell us about it (them)!

Our reading discussions are such a great way to learn about wonderful books while adding to our TBR list/piles/mountains.

Happy reading, and happy St. Patrick's Day if you are celebrating.


(Jennifer D.) #52

happy friday, everyone!!

last night i finished reading the lonely hearts hotel, by heather 'o'neill. while i am still trying to gather my thoughts, it was a heartbreaking/devastating book, but so beautifully written and with shimmers of hope.

i am now reading furiously happy, by jenny lawson. though she is writing about her struggles with mental health, she is so darn funny about it. so while it's a serious subject, there is some levity, which i love.

as far as favourite irish writers or books... i really do love colm tóibín and thought brooklyn was terrific. and i also love (LOVE!) john banville's the sea. a very wonderful 'quiet' novel with lots of introspection for the main character.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #53

Happy Friday!! Ah! The luck of the Irish be with you today! :relaxed:

Thank you for creating the Contemporary Irish Novels list Jennifer! I love Irish lit! So many great authors, but John Boyne for sure is one of my favourites! These two crushed me, they were So Good: The Absolutist and A History of Loneliness (and of course I did read also and was moved by The Boy in the Striped Pajamas).

Then there is Maeve Binchy. She's wonderful for a good pick me up, when you need a lovely relaxing story. The most recent one I read of hers was A Week in Winter. So much love for Maeve Binchy!

And....for my Friday Reads, I've burning through Lisa See's latest, Tea Girl on Hummingbird Lane. It's a fantastic return to her style of writing/novels like Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.

(Jennifer D.) #54

I have a history of loneliness on my shelf so shall bump it up the list!! so happy to hear your reminder that you love john boyne!

ahhh, maeve binchy. there is something so comforting about her books.


(BookBroad) #55

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry by Frederik Backman
I actually just finished it this morning :slight_smile:

(Cheri) #56

I started it last year and put it down for some reason and never went back. Thanks for reminding me I need to put it back on my list!

(Cheri) #57

I should finish Beautiful Maids All in a Row today. Not sure how much I'll end up enjoying it yet...

(Jennifer D.) #58

happy friday everyone!! so glad to se you sharing your #FridayReads here. thank you!!

i finished reading butterflies in november last night (quite liked it - it's peculiar, but worked for me), and now i am just trying to decide which book to read next.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #59

I'm about 50% of the way through So Much Love - enjoying it, and will probably be able to finish this weekend.
Then I'll get to work on finishing Big Little Lies for our book club. After that, I'm tossing around what I am thinking of reading next...so many books! :slight_smile: Happy Friday everyone!

It looks like it's going to rain here soon - which just makes me wish to be at home snuggled up with a book listening to the rain (with hopefully thunder!)

(Cheri) #60

And I DNF'd Beautiful Maids All in a Row. I found the protagonist incredibly unlikable and her interactions with any other character made it even worse. Life is too short... Now I'm into The Sound of Rain, which I'm enjoying so yay!