(Jennifer D.) #61

good for you!! i always find it hard giving up on a read. i hold out hope that things will turn around and stubbornly stick with books i am not enjoying on the slim chance it gets better.

so. many. books.

i am having the same problem over here -- finished one read last night and can't settle on which book to pick next.

(Cheri) #62

Holy moly, I'm having some bad luck over the past couple of days. I DNF'd The Sound of Rain, too. Next up is The Good Spy Dies Twice.

(Jennifer D.) #63

Oh boy -- that's unfortunate, @Cheri. I hope this one works out for you!!

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #64

Hope your reading slump is cured @Cheri!!

(Jennifer D.) #65


I hope you have all had a great week, and that you have some lovely reading time coming to you this weekend.

What are your reading today?

We love hearing about your reading -- and adding recommendations to our TBR lists! Thank you so much for sharing here with us.


(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #66

It's Friday!! It's Finally Friday!
It's going to be a crazy busy weekend, but i'm still so very happy it's the weekend!

Thought I would be finished The Gustav Sonata by now, but I'm just about there, so maybe tonight. I was listening to The Swan Thieves (which is a wonderful audio production, multiple narrators, music playing at some points...) but it will expire soon, so I downloaded the e-book from the library and once I'm finished The Gustav Sonata, I will finish The Swan Thieves before moving on to something new.

(Jennifer D.) #67

it seems like you are having a good run of reads lately, @Penny_Kollar!! YAY!!

i started people of the book last night. didn't get very far, but it's intriguing already. and i do like geraldine brooks a lot, so i am hopeful for a great read!!

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #68

Oh! I loved People of the Book! Thought it wonderfully imagined and loved how the Haggadah is a central character in the book. I do hope you enjoy it!! (I know you don't listen to audiobooks, but Edwina Wren narrates this one - she has such a beautiful voice! It really enhanced the read for me.)

And yes! It seems it's been awhile since I've had a nice string of good books! Yay. Nice when that happens. :slight_smile:

(Jennifer D.) #69

Thanks. I am very optimistic it will be a great read. I am thrilled to hear your love for it!

Haha -- right. I do have trouble with audiobooks - they put me to sleep. :joy: Not because they are boring, but because there is just something about being read to that makes me so sleepy. Something about the dulcet tones lulling me off into lalalnd. So silly!!

(Cheri) #70

I'm finally through with Edenland. Not sure what I'm going with next but I hope it's better than the last several I've picked up. April has to bring better reading choices! :neutral_face:

(Jennifer D.) #71

Here's to hoping you find lots of great reads in April, @Cheri. I'm sorry you've had some duds lately.

Did you know Riffle has a 'reader advisory' feature? If you want to give it a try, it could help you find some recommendations. Instead of relying on algorithms to make suggestions, Riffle has actual readers working with site members to help them find new books to read. I help as a reader advisor (depending on the type of request), but I also tried it out as a reader and had a really interesting interaction that resulted in some great possibilities.

If this sounds interesting, here's the link to begin the process:


(Cheri) #72

Yep, I do know about the RA but I have no problem finding recommendations. The books I've been reading most of March were NetGalley books I requested but never got around to. I'm house cleaning, so to speak.

(Jennifer D.) #73

Nice!! Even though you didn't end up loving a number of your reads, I hope it feels good to get caught up with the NetGalley requests.

(Janine Tabor) #74

I'm a sucker for carnival and circus stories. Does a lot of Heyday occur in the carnival setting?

(Jennifer D.) #75

Happy Friday!! I hope the week has been kind to you all and that you will be able to carve out some reading time for yourself this weekend.

What are you reading today?

(Image: http://bibliolectors.tumblr.com)

(Jennifer D.) #76

I just finished reading On Turpentine Lane, by Elinor Lipman. It was fun and a nice break from some heavier reading I have been doing lately.

Now to decide what to read next...

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #77

Oh! I didn't know you were reading that one @Jennifer_D!! I am listening to this one on audio - I'm enjoying it very much!! I've only just discovered Lipman - I listened to The View from Penthouse B at the end of the year and Turpentine Lane is my second one reading of hers - it is a nice and fun break! I'm liking this one even more than Penthouse B. She has a new one coming out in 2018 I hear!

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #78

Happy Friday! I am so thrilled it's Friday!
I just finished All the Best People by Sonja Yoerg and thought it really terrific! Very compelling story and great characters!

Now i have two on my plate, but I don't know if they are really the ones I want to get into just now? Such a dilemma right? I have Music of the Ghosts and After the Bloom - but I find my eye wandering considering others to pick up first? Hmmmm what do you think??

(Jennifer D.) #79

it seemed like a nice choice yesterday, when i was looking for something to read that was a bit lighter and a bit fun. i enjoyed it and it was a perfect break from the more serious stuff i've been reading lately. it was also a very quick read - finished it up early this morning. this was my first time reading lipman but i will definitely read her again. :smiley:

(Jennifer D.) #80


sigh! hahaha!!

it's a constant dilemma - what to read next. and i find my mood at any given time complicates decision making.

i also have music of ghosts that i am supposed to read before it goes on sale next week, so that should be a priority. i dipped into it the other day, but my reading mood wasn't up for it. maybe the lipman was a good reset button for me?? :blush: