(Jennifer D.) #101

Hi, Elizabeth!! It is a great thread... for growing all of our TBRs. (Thought my "TBR list" is more into a wobbling mountain situation now.) :blush:

Lillian Boxfish was okay... but I didn't love it as much as I hoped I would.

(Kim@Time2Read) #102

I'm in the middle of The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawkeyes. I'm also flying through Beastly by Alex Flint, a reselling of Beauty and the Beast. I need to get The Girl on the Train reread this week for my book club discussion, and The Beach House: Coming Home read for a blood g book tour review.

(Janine Tabor) #103

I'm still working on finishing Moon Over Soho. Not enough reading time during the week!

(Jennifer D.) #104

Happy Friday!!!

After what seems like weeks and weeks of rain and grey skies, and feeling constantly soggy and chilled, we have enjoyed some much-needed sunshine this week. It's really looking and smelling like Spring now... can't wait for the warmer temperatures. :sunny:

What are you reading this lovely day?

I am also curious: does the time of year play into your reading choices? Do you read to the season?

In other bookish Friday shenanigans, do you guys know about #BookFaceFriday appearing on Twitter and Instagram?

Today's lovely image originally appeared in Quill & Quire for a Spring reading feature, and was created by Jenn Liv. I thought it a very cool illustrated version of the book face.

Happy reading!!

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #105

I've been seeing some of these #BookFaceFriday's on Pinterest too! There was one that was really excellent! So clever, but yeah, I don't remember what it was/what book it was for. :slight_smile: Oops. I think those are so much fun!

It is so nice to see the sun and the temps start to creep up to a temperature where planning to sit outside and read can begin! I planned on doing that tomorrow, but they are calling for possible rain. No! No more rain!

For this #FridayReads, I'm continuing with The Lost Diaries of Susanna Moodie. It's been very enjoyable so far. She has just set sail for Canada to begin her life as a pioneer in the New World. I'm going to pick up The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley again and read to the next section for the book club. I also have out from the library something that looks pretty interesting and I hope it's not going to be too "weird". :slight_smile:

(Janine Tabor) #106

I hadn't heard of bookface friday. I'm going to go look!

(Jennifer D.) #107

Hello FRIDAY!! And for our friends in the US and Canada -- happy long weekend, and official kickoff to summer!!

Two #FridaysReads questions for today:

  1. What are you reading?
  2. Do you have any books already picked out for your summer reading this year?

I enjoy our Friday thread so much because so many reading ideas are shared here. It definitely helps grow Mt. TBR!! So thank you all for participating here. :blush:

I hope you all have a great day!

Happy reading!!

Image by Heather Stillufsen

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #108

Yay it's Friday! And it's the Victoria Day long weekend! Woohoo!
The weather plans at the moment to be a bit topsy turvy, so I'm kind of excited because yahoo more reading time!

I started, very slowly, kind of, to think about organizing my reading - the books I want to read this summer. I do want to read some of the big chunky "summer time feeling" reading on my shelves (Like Middlemarch, I have Lucy Foley's Book of Lost & Found which has this great summer feeling cover to it! Must read that one right?)

Anyway, for today I have the final "story" to read in Waiting for Stalin to Die. I've really enjoyed this "novel" (I put that in quotations because it is four distinct stories - only a very few of the characters appear in the other stories - but they are all linked to the same experience of fleeing Lithuania) I tried to finish last night, but it was getting late!

My reading will be somewhat open after this - I do have another short story collection - but I pulled a few things off the shelf thinking I might start reading - still thinking about it though. :slight_smile:

Sorry for my rambly post!

Hoping the day flies by and I'm home in no time to enjoy the long weekend!!

(RiverTree Reads) #109

Curiosity - Can I assume from your comment "I want to read some of the big chunky "summer time feeling" reading on my shelves" that you literally have these books on your shelves - meaning you purchase all the actual books you want to read? I'm wondering if you mainly like to hold and read actual books (vs. ebooks)? Also, do you always purchase, not borrow from libraries? Thanks.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #110

Hi @RiverTree_Reads! I do a big old mix of all of the above! :slight_smile:

I LOVE (like LURV) my library and I am a frequent user of it. For instance, the two books I noted above in last week's Friday Reads were from the library.

Some books that just aren't available, or are ones that I want to own I do buy - but I try and be very, very infrequent in buying books. (You know, the toss up between groceries or books! hahaha) And others are either sent to review, but we have this fabulous Goodwill Bookstore where I can find so many excellent books for excellent prices! (All $3.95) Awesome!

I also do a mix of e-books and actual books. I have a Kobo and a Samsung tablet so I can do a whole lot of e-reading on those two devices -- those are great for library ebooks too. The selection and availability is becoming out of this world!

The books I mentioned above, like Middlemarch and Book of Lost and Found I do own physical copies of. I couldn't resist that cover for Lost and Found - it was the UK cover so I ordered from Book Depository and Middlemarch I had to own because it's a big chunky one and I will want to take my time and savour it. I also love the cover for it - so I had to go out and buy it. :slight_smile: The image doesn't really do it justice.

How about you?

(Jennifer D.) #111

i love your enthusiasm for the weekend! your 'WAHOO!' is infectiously fun!! :blush:

i was wondering about the summer reading plans earlier this week because i picked up 2 books i am keen for, for this summer. and then, given the long weekends happening, people are talking about the unofficial kickoff to summer, so that cemented my summer reading curiosity!! :sunny:

these are my two new books: the slow waltz of turtles, and bleaker house. then i remembered i found an awesome copy of the summer before the war at a second-hand bookshop last fall... and have been saving it for now/early-summer. (love this cover!!)

of course, i am laughing at myself right now because i have a mountain of books i should be reading, and can't settle on anything or make up my mind. and yet... SUMMER READING!!! :joy:

so. many. books.

(Jennifer D.) #112

that is a gorgeous cover!!

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #113

Sigh. The Summer Before the War. Now that was a great summer read for me!
I hope it is for you too @Jennifer_D. Her words are like butter and it was just the perfect read for me - sitting outside on the patio. I truly didn't want the story to come to an end.

(Jennifer D.) #114

Happy Friday!!!

What are you reading today? Do you have any terrific recommendations you would like to share with us? This space is always a great resource for adding to our TBR lists, and we love hearing about your reading. :blush:

For our friends in the US honouring Memorial Day, and our friends in England and Wales enjoying a bank holiday, we hope you have a wonderful long weekend -- and extra time to yourself for reading (perhaps outside, enjoying some fine weather)!!

Which make me wonder: now that we are getting into the nicer weather season in the Northern Hemisphere, do you enjoy reading outside? Do you have a special place outdoors where you can kick back and relax with a great book?

Happy reading everyone!!

Lovely illustration by Katy Dockrill

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #115

Great illustration! Happy Friday!
Outside it is totally a day that is meant completely for being under the blankets and reading all day - oh to dream! Supposed to rain for much of today, but Saturday is supposed to be nice and sunny!

I love reading outside! My outside reading spot is under our majestic and awesome Japanese maple tree on the patio chairs that rock a little bit. I can be out there for hours! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I'm almost done The Fact of a Body, which has been a very good read, getting a little meandering, but I'm interested in seeing where it goes from the point I'm at now.

There are so many books to read right now! I did start Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, so I will probably work to finishing that one up before my eyes start wandering all around at all the other books that I would love to be able to read all at once!

(Jennifer D.) #116

RIGHT?? oh my gosh! all. the. books!! :joy:

i am debating starting eleanor oliphant... but can't seem to settle on a book. (seems to be a problem lately!!)

i did just receive Arundhati Roy's new novel... so it's a strong contender, at the moment.

i also have a couple of Shakespeare Hogarth books to get going with...

decisions, decisions. :confounded:

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #117

Is it Friday yet? :laughing:

(Jennifer D.) #118

RIGHT?? Oh my gosh --- it feels like I've lived 3 weeks in the past 3 days. I need a nap. HA!
Can't wait for Friday!


(Jennifer D.) #119


I hope you all had a great week, and that you will have some wonderful time to read this weekend!

So, what are you reading today? Are there any new books you are eagerly anticipating?

Is your TBR pile a balancing act?

“Summer Reading” - illustration by “vivsters”.

Happy reading! Happy Friday!


(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #120

So many books! My brain explodes with all the ones I WANT to read, and HOPE to read! I need to make / revise my lists for what I'm going to read this month. :slight_smile:

Right now I'm reading The Golden Legend by Nadeem Aslam. I really enjoyed his Blind Man's Garden and this has been told to me that it is better than Blind Man's Garden (let's hope because I've read a few duds lately!) (one that wasn't a dud though and I really loved and it seems to be getting a whole lot of love from others is Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine!)