(Jennifer D.) #121

i still have this on my shelf, unread! wha-whaaaaa. (sad trombone.) :joy:

like you penny, i am also feeling like my brain is exploding with ALL THE BOOKS! i've had a really busy week, so haven't had time to make a plan for my reading... but i hope to do that over the next couple of days.

i definitely will be starting our Riffle book club's June read, americanah. this is a re-read for me, but i am looking forward to it.

as well, i have my in-person book club next friday, so have to get the monsters of templeton read.

because you have loved it so much, i really want to get to eleanor oliphant soon!!

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #122

oh...Monsters of Templeton was such a great read for me! I really do hope it's a great read for you too!

I too will be reading the first scheduled part for Americanah - I started it and was really enjoying it - so I'll finish up to the first part in the schedule this weekend too! My Friday night is going to be one where I am on my own, alone, quiet and yahoo! Kids will be out of the house, hubbie is working an afternoon shift - so it's just ME. So I plan on setting myself up with a nice glass of wine, sitting out on my patio for the first time this week, and enjoying the total alone time with my books.
Now that's my kind of Friday night! :laughing:

(Jennifer D.) #123

Sounds awesome!!! ENJOY! :blush:

(Jennifer D.) #124

Oh, happy Friday!!!

I hope you are all doing very well this week.

What are you reading today? Are you planning on starting a new read this weekend? Do share with us -- this thread is a great way to add new books to our TBR lists.

From today's lovely illustration, I am wondering: where is the most unusual place you have ever read?

Illustration by Chris Silas Neal - who has done some book cover designs, including:

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #125

That's cool to know about the illustrator/book designer!

I don't know if I've read in any unusual places, but I have had the experience of reading by the mountains when in Kananaskis, Alberta! Beautiful!! Peaceful!

I just started reading Ruth Ware's The Lying Game. It's supposed to be like her first one, In a dark, dark wood, which I really enjoyed!

I also just started in audio this morning, A Good House by Ann Leary and it's fantastic so far! Great person narrating and I've laughed out loud a number of times!

I'll also get back to Americanah to read up to the next section for the book club.

(Jennifer D.) #126

I also have Americanah on the go for our book club... come join us!!

And I am reading, for my in-person book club meeting tonight, The Monsters of Templeton, by Lauren Groff -- I am really enjoying this one, so far. Have to get the last bit read before the meeting. #NoPressure. :joy:

I don't know if I have read anywhere particularly unusual... though, as a bookish introvert I tend to always have a book/my kobo with me when I leave my house - in case of emergencies. Haha!! I have read while at parties or in bars/restaurants. And I was totally that kid who would read a book while walking.

(Jennifer D.) #127

Happy almost weekend!!

We would love to hear about your #FridayReads for this week -- which book(s) do you have on the go today? Any plans to start a new book this weekend?

It's been a bit of a steamy week here in Southern Ontario -- perfect weather for curling up with a great read, a cool beverage, and pressing pause on errands, and chores! :blush:

Do you have a favourite place to read when you get a nice bit of time to do so?

Image by Brendan Totten

Happy reading!

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #128

Good morning Jennifer!
I've been trying this week to get in reading time, it's been a bit hectic so it's been scarce, but I did start The Practice House which so far has been pretty good, although I'm not very far into it at all. :slight_smile:

For the summer, my favourite reading spot is on the patio but if we're away, nothing beats sitting on a comfy chair overlooking the lake now does it? I haven't been able to do that in a couple years, but it's bliss when it does happen! :sailboat:

(Jennifer D.) #129

hi, @Penny_Kollar!!

this week has been hectic for me too. my reading time was pretty scarce as well, though i did finally finish the monsters of templeton, and really liked it! it went over well at my book club gathering too -- everyone was quite happy with the novel and they all want to read more from lauren groff. YAY!!

oh!! yes!! reading by water is so lovely. i am lucky to be able to visit my brother's cottage, and i love sitting out on the dock (under an umbrella, i am a shade-hound!) with a book, a nice drink, and snacks!! so perfect! when i am at home, i love sitting out in the shade of my front porch while reading. (also with snacks and drinks. heh!!)

i have to pick a new book to read this weekend... though it's going to be a busy weekend with work and other stuff, so i am not sure how much reading time i will actually manage. :confounded:

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #130

I think reading isn't on the agenda for you this weekend! That's okay! Enjoy! Will be very interested in seeing what you choose next though!! :grinning:

(Jennifer D.) #131

i actually managed to read a good chunk of this, this morning... hope to get back to it tomorrow night, maybe?


(Jennifer D.) #132

FRIDAY!!! :blush:

It's a very soggy day here in my area... the kind of day that just makes me want to stay home and read all day.

I hope you are all doing very well this week!

What are you reading?

(haven't been able to trace this image back to its original creator)

(Cheri) #133

Finished The Collapsing Empire a few minutes ago and already dreading the long, long wait for the sequel (2019). But the silver lining is that I'll need to reread the first one. :wink:

Not 100% sure what I'll start next. Thinking about The Collected Stories: The Legend of Drizzt. I'm a fan of a few of the narrators.


(Cheri) #134

Ok, changed my mind. Going with Thief's Magic instead.

(Jennifer D.) #135

i hope it will be a great read for you, @Cheri!!

(Cheri) #136

Nope, just didn't measure up after The Collapsing Empire. Went back to Legend of Drizzt, done by an all-star cast. Good so far!

(Jennifer D.) #137

Bummer!!! :confounded:

(Jennifer D.) #138

Happy Friday!!

Please let us know what you are reading today -- there's always room for more recommendations on our TBR lists, right?? :joy:

If you are celebrating Canada Day this weekend, and #Canada150, we hope you have a lovely holiday!, and enjoyed your long weekend.

As well as telling us about your #FridayReads, let us know if you have a favourite Canadian book (or two, or three??) . :blush:

Illustration by Julia Breckenreid

This guy, apparently, brought his TBR to the beach!

Happy reading everyone!

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #139

Happy Friday!!

Yes, today is the holiday day for our Canada Day Holiday! Happy #Canada150! Poor planning as always on our part doesn't have us doing anything or going anywhere exciting to celebrate though. :frowning:

I just finished reading, last night One in a Million Boy - which was good, just a sweet story overall.

Today I will return to Deafening by Frances Itani. Ha! Perfection for Canada Day! She's a wonderful Canadian author - queen of a quiet and lovely read. I read Tell by her and fell in love with it.
There are many Canadian authors that I love. But if we want to go with maybe a comparison read to Tell - perhaps it might be The Age of Hope by David Bergen.

(Jennifer D.) #140

gosh, i love frances itani! i still have to read 'tell', but keep thinking i would like to re-read 'deafening' first.

my friday reads for this week is:

i am finding it delightful and peculiar, and oddly relatable in some ways. haha. i finally have a day off tomorrow, so hope to get in some good quality reading time, to finish this one.

as far as favourite canadian lit... SO MANY! :raised_hands:

i'll stop now! :joy: