(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #141

Great list of Canlit @Jennifer_D! :slight_smile:

I went back to look at the description of Tell -- Deafening is all about Grania. Grania's sister Tress is more the focus (although not really?) in Tell - it's actually about Kenan, Tress' husband when he returns from the war. I did the reverse here with reading Tell before Deafening! But I'm finding it's okay to have done that - Deafening is Grania's early life and into adulthood and her relationship with Tress and her family. I don't remember her factoring in a huge amount in Tell.

At any rate - very good - like I keep saying, Itani is the queen of quiet and lovely, and this is just anohter lovely, quiet and unassuming read. It was very nice to sit outside on the patio and read yesterday - it was such a gorgeous, breezy day out there! Funny that she mentions Saturday, July 1st and it being Dominion Day (now our Canada Day). I thought that made for excellent coicindental and perfectly timed reading! :slight_smile:

(Jennifer D.) #142

Happy Friday everyone!!

For many, this has been a short week -- I hope it was also a great week. Did you have any fun celebrations or get-togethers for the holiday(s)? Were you able to carve out some reading time for yourself?

Please tell us what you are reading today --we love adding to our TBR lists with your personal recommendations.

I would also love to know:

a) what's the best book you've read so far this year?
b) do you have any reading goals for the summer?

accurate image of our TBR list negotiations by "vivsters"

Happy reading!


(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #143

Oh my! So many books! I'm feeling that for sure!

Right now I am reading Girl on the Leeside. I just started yesterday. It's been okay, but not great or anything. :slight_smile:

I have some time off coming out now and I'll be alone for a few days of it so I have BIG PLANS to clean up my books - organize, purge, clean up the shelves. Big plans! There's also two used bookstores that I haven't been in for some time so I get to take some quiet time to browse. Yay.

I've got all kinds of reading plans - I compiled a list for #20BooksofSummer but that list is all over the map now - hopefully I can restructure and settle in!

This year one of the best books I read was one that was published 10 years ago. It's Jonathon Coe's The Rain Before it Falls. I loved it so much!

(Jennifer D.) #144

OMG -- same!! i also heard about this #20BooksOfSummer idea, so pulled 20 books from my shelves... then promptly forgot about the idea. hahaha. this past week, i remembered, and realized i felt all over the place with my choices too - new books came in, second-guessing some of my choices because i am a mood reader and my mood changes. heh!! so .many. books.

so far, a standout read for me in 2017 has been grace, by natashia deón. so, so good. tough and sad, but incredibly well-written. AND a debut. oof! impressive.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #145

I'm sure I have that one listed to read -- will have to track it down and get to it sooner than later!

(Myles ) #146

I know its not Friday, but I've had a rather busy weekend.

I was able to finally devote all of my attention to Little Fires Everywhere, and now can't stop gushing about it. I've read quite a few good books this year, but even the 'five stars' have had something the matter with them, some little quibble. I may have some doubts surface about this one when I get some distance from it, but whoa! It was not the book I thought I was reading!

The other best books I've read, so far this year have been:





Gen Fict:

For my goals I'm going to try and finish up a few more classics off my list, an 18th, 19th and 20th century hopefully, and still keep up with reading advance copies for the fall!

(Jennifer D.) #147

no worries at all, @Myles!

thanks for all those great recommendations -- and thrilled to hear your gushing for celeste ng's new one!!

we do have 'currently reading' threads for fiction and nonfiction, not defined by 'friday'. i hope you'll share with us in those spaces, as you are able! (i think you have discovered our nonfiction space already, though!!)


(Jennifer D.) #148


How are you all doing? I hope it's been a good week for you.

What are you ready today? Do you have any great recommendations to share with us - you know we are always keen to hear about great book!!

We are experiencing more soggy weather today... and this illustration made me smile! Though a rain of books could be painful... it could also be interesting.


Happy reading!

(Il.lustració de Max)

(Jennifer D.) #149

I am currently reading Hag-Seed, Margaret Atwood's instalment in the Hogarth Shakespeare project.

While I am a fan of this project... I am not such a fan of this particular book (and, to be completely un-Canadian, I am just not a fan of Atwood's. At all. I'm nearly finished though, so will then move on to Tracy Chevalier's take on Othello, in her book New Boy.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #150

Happy Friday! We finally have sun shining and it's the first day I'm able to read outside in a number of days. I'm enjoying my #staycation and today I'm reading All We Shall Know by Donald Ryan. Outside! On the patio! :laughing:

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #151

@Jennifer_D we're reading books with moody covers aren't we?

(Jennifer D.) #152

Heh! We ARE! Too funny!! :joy:

(Jennifer D.) #153

NICE!! i hope you enjoy your day -- sounds great!

(Jennifer D.) #154

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have all had a lovely week, and that the weekend ahead will be just what you need.

What are you reading today?


illustration by nicole wong

(Cheri) #155

Happy Friday! I'm hoping to finish up The Breakdown today. I'm enjoying it.

(Jennifer D.) #156

i am reading this novel by helen simonson. so far, it's a 'nice' story, and i am enjoying the time, setting, and characters.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #157

It's now Sunday night! I was reading all weekend and a lot on Saturday and finished Hum if You Don't Know the Words. I really loved it - great characters, there were moments where it was tense and moments where it was moving and emotional. I hope to see it on the Longlist for the Giller Prize!

I started reading Are you Sleeping? and have been quickly reading through it. I'm on high alert for the heavy foreshadowing and reminiscing that was overly done in Ruth Ware's latest, The Lying Game. I didn't enjoy that read and I've been cautious about Are You Sleeping because it's been compared to Ruth Ware. So far I'm enjoying it and it's not too melodramatic and there's only been a few times where I'm on edge about things that set me off in The Lying Game. :slight_smile: The structure and style of Are You Sleeping has been good - it's got podcast transcripts, articles, social media (Twitter, Reddit) used throughout so it's made for interesting reading.

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #158

I'm so happy you're enjoying The Summer Before the War! I so loved it. Like you say, it really is a "nice" story and I just loved spending time immersed in the setting and with the people! (I love this cover! Is this the cover you have?? Awesome!)

(Jennifer D.) #159

yes! this is the edition i have, and the cover is fantastic!! it's an ARC that i scooped up at my favourite second-hand bookshop last year. and though an ARC, the quality is excellent, and i don't even think it was read previously.

(Jennifer D.) #160

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s to a great day ahead, and a lovely weekend for you all.

What are you reading today?

We love to hear about the books you have on the go, so hope you’ll take a moment to say hello and share your reads with us!

wonderful summer reading illustration by sarah tanat jones