I’m grateful for reading because

(Kate Minckler) #1

For our final day of #7DaysOfGratitude, share what reading has given you in your life. :slight_smile:

I’m grateful for reading because ______.


(Just Call Me "Two Books" Rance) #2

I’m grateful for reading because it grew my vocabulary, helped build empathy in me, allowed me to travel to new places and meet extraordinary people, and gave my imagination the freedom to soar. Reading was and continues to be a fantasy, an escape, words coming to life in my mind so that I can see and feel that I know the characters and places described within the different stories. Reading is like breathing to me, and I’m grateful for the time and chance to read even more…

(Kate Minckler) #3

This is beautifully put! I completely agree with you. Reading is my escape, my window into other minds and lives. Reading is growth, learning, empathy and sharing. :slight_smile:

(BookBroad) #4

I’m thankful for reading because it has allowed me to broaden my horizons in a way I could never do in real life. It has helped me to see life from different perspectives and to understand the people around me better than I could have otherwise. Reading has enlarged my vocabulary, sharpened my wit and made me brave in a way nothing else ever could. Reading has provided me with a cathartic emotional release at times I wasn’t even aware I needed such a thing. I will be forever grateful for my ability to read the love of reading I’ve been honored to pass on to my children.

(susan saeugling) #5

I’m grateful for reading because of course I have been to so many places without leaving my space. The things I have learned and the places I have been.

(Cathleen Grey) #6

I am grateful for reading as it has always been my best friend throughout all my troubles. I wasn’t born deaf but lost all my hearing by the age of 13 and reading became my connection to the outside world that I no longer heard. I traveled and spoke in my mind with so many colorful characters and places. I am not completely deaf any more but I am extremely hard of hearing and wear aids. Reading is still how I fill a lot of the silence that I live with each and every day. I am so thankful for all the talented authors who entertain, frighten, make me laugh out loud or cry a few tears. Authors are so amazing that they have the ability to write these entertaining stories to delight their readers.