Introduce yourself! What's your favorite fiction book?

(Janelle Ludowise) #22

Every time anyone asks me any sort of question about favorite books, or what book would I recommend for X, or what book fits what category best, etc, I find myself doing the exact same thing! I've read so much that it's a useful reminder to take a look at my shelves. smile books

I may not get to Galore right away (I have a ridiculous stack of books sitting by my bedside table right now blush) but I will try to get a hold of a copy from my library once I get through the current TBR pile! As much as I love reading, I'm actually not the fastest reader. weary

(Janelle Ludowise) #23

And Then There Were None is on my reading list! You know, I haven't actually read any Christie before, isn't that crazy? I was planning on starting with that one.

Thanks for joining our discussion board Heather!

(Janelle Ludowise) #24

Thanks for sharing, Jorie! I always love it when people read widely; it gives me more things to talk about with them!

That's a great story about how you were able to become a book lover despite your dyslexia. Inspiring!

(Murielle Cyr) #25

Hi Dawson,
I'm planning to reread THORN BIRDS to see how my reactions will differ after 20 years. Let me know your comments when you finish it. Be well.

(Riffle Dev) #26

My Name is Kenny Meyer, and if there are two books which made fall in love with Fiction then those were the "Harry Potter" series and "Krabat".

I also came here for the comments. Grabs some popcorn

(Book Thingo) #27

Hi, Murielle. Nancy Drew was one of my favourite books as a preteen, and my mum recommended Thorn Birds to me when I was older. From there, I veered into romance books, but I love it when I find readers who were inspired by similar books growing up!

(Book Thingo) #28

Hi, everyone! I'm Kat and I blog at Book Thingo and tweet at @BookThingo. I read mostly romance books nowadays, although I read a lot more widely when I was younger. I'm not really going to be able to choose one book to rule them all, but among my favourites are The Changeling Sea by Patricia A. McKillip and Shadowheart by Laura Kinsale.

(Murielle Cyr) #29

I guess Nancy Drew books attracted me because, first of all, the main character was a spunky girl, and secondly, because I felt secure as a kid knowing there always was a happy ending to the stories. Even as an adult, it makes me feel good when I see them in libraries and bookstores. Happy reading.

(Serena Agusto-Cox) #30

Hi, I'm Serena and a book reviewer at Savvy Verse & Wit and owner of Poetic Book Tours, a new business that establishes online book blog tours for poets and small press authors. I love reading, and always have! I belong to one book club that tries to meet regularly once per month. The first book I really connected with as a kid was A Separate Peace, which I think I read in eighth grade. I loved that the protagonists were young like me, but that there were real things going on around them and that it affected them. Too many books were far-fetched where the kids solved mysteries (don't get me wrong, I liked those too), and others were mostly about kids who were having romance issues. I read mostly fiction and poetry, though I have read some memoir and other genres.

(Robin Geesman) #31

Fiction is chatty compared to the other sections. smile There were a few books that got me hooked and going way back when... One of them was Michelle Remembers. I devoured that book. And I felt like I lost a friend when I finished The Third Eye by Lobsang Rhampa. And the myriad of Stephen King books where the games we played as children came to life in his horror stories. It was like he knew each and every one of my friends and what they were like.

(Bajen Cole) #32

Hi, I am Bajen from The Gambia.

I started reading a young age. I was always glued to a book, The Famous Five, Sweet Valley High, Harry Potter series...I slowed down a bit when I started university and then after that work. And then one day I joined a group reading for The Help, it changed my life. After that it was one book after another and I have rediscovered my love for books, reading, beautiful writing smile

(Janelle Ludowise) #33

Welcome to the discussion board! I was also a big fan of Harry Potter in my younger days! smile

(Janelle Ludowise) #34

Welcome to Riffle discussions, Serena! I've always wondered what joining a book club would be like. Right now, I'm in what you could call the smallest book club possible. It consists of me and one friend, but it really does encourage me to read certain books and it's great to have somebody to always discuss with! We also read a book per month. smile

(Janelle Ludowise) #35

Hi Kat! Nice to meet you!

You know, I haven't ever gotten around to reading anything by Patricia A. McKillip. Do you think [The Changeling Sea]1 is a good one to start with? I'm always hearing about her books, and I think I've run into a couple of her short stories here and there.

(Book Thingo) #36

Hi, Janelle! I think The Changeling Sea is the perfect book to start with. It's not very long, and it's beautifully written. Otherwise, Mckillop's Riddlemaster series is probably her most famous work, and for younger readers, or if you don't mind a younger protagonist, I'd recommend The Forgotten Beasts of Eld. Let me know how you go if you do pick up one of her books. I'd be interested to know what you think of it. smile

(Book Thingo) #37

It's amazing to me how many readers name Nancy Drew as a childhood favourite. I was just reading this NY Times interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and she also talks about loving Nancy Drew as a child. For me, it started me on the path to romance because I loved Nancy and Ned's relationship (even though in hindsight he didn't really do that much, did he? :D).

(Adrielle) #38

I used to stay up late reading Nancy Drew with a flashlight after everyone else had gone to sleep. I love her!

(Adrielle) #39

For a long time I never thought to read Stephen King. I assumed I wouldn't enjoy his stories because I'm not a great fan of horror, but I picked up The Stand several years ago was amazed. I couldn't get started reading anything new for weeks after I finished -- everything I tried paled in comparison! Turns out I'm a fan of anything if the author is a skilled story-teller. smile

(Robin Geesman) #40

Yes ~ Stephen King is great. There were bonds of friendship in his books. There was a knowing that somehow the good guys were always going to end up on top. And there were the silent lessons of why it was always important to choose carefully no matter what was presented to you. Life comes with strings attached.

(Hornette) #41

"Put that book down and go outside and play!"

Scanning your intros, it looks like I wasn't the only kid whose parents said this.

Hello, readers. I'm Hornette, a London-dwelling feminist and pathological reader. The first book I fell in love with was Little Woman. Its my comfort read and I reread it every few years. After that as a young adult, it was Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. "Last night I dreamt I went to Manderlay again". Shivers. And currently I am having a hot ink love affair with David Mitchell. I've read all his books but my favourite is Cloud Atlas.

Looking forward to talking books with you all. * Brandishes Kindle *

PS Anyone else posting from the United Kingdom/Europe?