Introduce yourself! What's your favorite mystery/thriller novel or series?

(BookBroad) #22

I feel the same way about the Elizabeth George books. My favorite of hers is Missing Joseph. They definitely lost something when Helen died. Have you read any of the Inspector Morse series? If you like the early Elizabeth George, you might really enjoy the Morse series. They also did an excellent television series adaptation of the books.

(Sigrid ) #23

I liked Missing Joseph, too. I've read some Morse, but I found him Classist. I lived in England for 5 years, so the issue was alive to me. There were one or two Lewis episodes I watched, but then it disappeared (I live overseas, so it might have been one of my moves or the vagaries expat TV).

In some ways, Elizabeth George had the same problem as Janet Evanovich -- she created a compelling set of characters and then ran out of interesting and believable events for their lives.

(Steven Malone) #24

I guess I'm kind of old school. My favorite, if tame, mystery is The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett.

(Cheri) #25

I read The Thin Man recently and enjoyed it. I tend to go for more gritty crime/mystery/thriller books but it was a fun read.

(Steven Malone) #26

Generally I like them gritty as well, but Hammett is a charmer. It remains my favorite. I'm getting into Spillane these days and looking for new sleuth type mysteries.

(DeeDee Hodges Butler) #27

I like Brian Freeman books. They are great to read

(DeeDee Hodges Butler) #28

Some of my favorite authors are James Patterson, Lisa Scottoline, Sandra Brown, Heather Gufenkauf,Brian Freeman , Barry Lyga and I enjoy Janet Evanovich- Plum series.
They are several other authors I like. The more intense the book the better I like it.

(Jennifer D.) #29

Have you read any Jo Nesbø - he can be gritty and intense! :slight_smile:

(Cheri) #30

I keep seeing Nesbo's name but didn't know enough to venture to try one. Might have to now.

(Jennifer D.) #31

I quite enjoy him -- the 'Harry Hole' series, in particular. I have tried to read them in order, but the translation process was all over the place with the earliest stories being translated later than the later stories (for a while). We seem to be caught up... #11 just published in English. I like this series in order, because Harry develops along the way, and his backstory fills in. Funnily, I didn't love the very first book in the series, mostly set in Australia. It was fine, but for me the books get stronger as they go along. /ramble. :blush:

(DeeDee Hodges Butler) #32

I haven't read any of Jo Nesbo books but I will

(Maria Miller) #33

Hi! I'm Maria. I love thrillers, so it's hard to pick just one. But if I have to, I pick ICED by DB Morgan and Tim Myer.

(Just Call Me "Two Books" Rance) #34

I love Ingrid Thoft! Have you read the series by Tina Whittle or Janey Mack? Those are good, too. Tana French is by far my favorite, but I love Louise Penny, too. Tina Whittle and Janey Mack write sort-of in the same vein as Ingrid Thoft, in my opinion, although she’s the best of the three (again, in my opinion).

(Paula Longhurst) #35

Hi, I haven’t read Whittle or Mack. Love Louise Penney. Right now I’m
reading the new Alan Bradley, The Grave’s A Fine and Private Place (out
2018) and Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions by Mario Giordano (Mar? 2018)
Also editing my second Mary Mac novella.

all best

Paula L

(Mary Connell ) #36


My fave mystery/crime authors, by far, are Michael Connelly and James Lee Burke. I also like Sara Paretsky, Kathy Reichs, Patricia Cornwell and Sue Grafton, though the latter 2 are losing their touch a bit. I enjoy the Scandinavian writers a lot, too. There are more, but only so much space to list them!

What I don’t enjoy are some of the genre writers who have first published in the last decade. The plotting is repititious and the books not that well written. I had 3 in my DNF pile last week alone. Editors: we rely on you to keep your authors on top of their game!

(Rebecca Wells Demaree) #37

Hi- Rebecca here and I love mysteries, not so much of a thriller reader. Love the Nordic writers though! Christie, Colin Dexter, Louise Penney but my favorite is P.D.James. I like exploring and finding new authors and I always look for mysteries set in locations where I will be traveling. I look forward to hearing about recommendations as I always learn alot from these discussions!

(Just Call Me "Two Books" Rance) #38

I like Tana French’s books and JK Rowling’s Cormoran Strike series. I also like Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache series. Michael Koryta has written some winners, and Matt Goldman’s Nils Shaphiro series (new) is EXCELLENT–Gone to Dust is the first one and Broken Ice is the second that just came out. Nils, the main character, is smart, sarcastic and funny.

(Steven Malone) #39

Hi, Two Books Rance,
I’m late in welcoming you to Riffle but welcome. I liked Cormoran too. Hope you enjoy being here.


(Cheri) #40

I’m a fan of Strike but always a little nervous that the newest book won’t be as good as I hope it will be.

Has anyone seen the show on Cinemax? I haven’t seen anything about it except the tie-in covers.

(Candace Smith) #41

Hello, Candace Smith here, I have read all of Charles Todd Inspector Ian Rutledge books, Great reading, I recommend them to anyone who likes mystery.