More than just romance?

(Cheri) #1

I’ve been reading lesfic for about a decade and I’m thrilled with the growing trend of non-romance books being published. Cari Hunter and some of AE Radley books come to mind immediately.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my old faves when it comes to high-angst lesfic…

What are your thoughts on non-romance LGBTQ books?

(Sarah E. Glenn) #2

I’m fine with romance in a book, but I generally require that something happen in a story besides the romance. Erotica is a whole other category…

(Alex) #3

I think that it’s always refreshing to see stories that revolve around queer characters without revolving around a love story. The only ones that come to mind right now are the WayWard Children books, which have a lot of queer characters but are more murder mystery/sibling relationship/quest oriented than love story oriented, and it was nice to read those for the change of pace! That being said, I would love to read a lot more like that instead of just rereading those.