Nonfiction You've Read, So Far, 2018

(sh m) #1

I picked up a few books related to Trump (Wolff, Tur) this year and it has been quite a ride. On one hand you want to believe these authors, but on the other hand, you know you cannot believe it all. It’s common sense.

I’d like to hear your reads. From politics to humanity, from business leadership to climate change. If you’ve read Educated, how was it? What are other upcoming nonfiction reads you’re excited about?

(coun0011) #2

Dark Money by Jane Mayer - great book, deeply disturbing! It’s about how the wealthy have come to have such an an influence in politics.

(Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews) #3

Unfortunately, I do not read non-fiction.

(sh m) #4

Thank you for sharing! Unfortunately, I do not read fiction so there’s no way we could continue this conversation/thread.

(sh m) #5

I’m interested to explore that, thank you for sharing.

(histeriker) #6

I’m just reading Hidden Figures, I very like the connection between Space research and politics (race issues, Cold war).

(Isle of Dachsies) #7

I just finished Madeleine Albright’s Fascism: A Warning. It was a fascinating look at the history of fascism. It’s a book to be savored and pondered, not rushed through. It was well-written, with a good flow and intriguing insight.

(sh m) #8

It’s on my to read list! Thanks for sharing