Poll: To Dog-Ear or To Bookmark... that is the question

(Riffler) #1

We thought we'd start posting a few polls about some hard-hitting, life-or-death reading issues to really get to the heart of what it means to be a book lover wink

So, Rifflers, which kind of reader are you?! Is it sacrilege to dog-ear a book? Or can you never find a bookmark when you need it? Vote in our poll and then join in the banter below!

  • I dog-ear pages
  • I use a bookmark
  • I use receipts, post-it notes, tickets, grass, or pets


(Christa Guild) #2

Ha! I'm actually the receipts, post-it notes, and pets type wink I can't bear my husband dog-earing pages in my books!! But at the same time, I never seem to have bookmarks around.

(Neil Baptista) #3

I love bookmarks. Here's one that your husband will like! It includes folding. Learn how to make one here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beX_g5L4t9U

(Ilirwen) #4

I use neither. Somehow, I always seem to find my place anyway.

(Jennifer D.) #5

90% of the time - bookmarks. In a pinch, I have been known to use scraps of paper, string, post-it notes, a folded tissue, etc...

Dog-earring pages is painful for me to witness, or consider. I am also not a book spine-cracker, so don't mark my place by placing a book facedown. (Also painful to me.) Haha. Book problems... we all have them! smile

(Alice Fan) #6

I definitely bookmark more than anything, but I'm also in the "use anything" category. Sometimes you just don't have a real bookmark on hand and you have to make do! But I would never dog-ear a page! It gives me the shivers just thinking about it! confounded

(Katie Wilkins - Doing Dewey) #7

Ha! I think it's funny that almost twice as many of use just grab random things to use as bookmarks as use actual bookmarks. I'm a post-it note type too smile

(SERIESous Book Reviews) #8

I have the same aversion to dog-earred pages and spine-cracking!

When I get books from the library that people have dog earred (and left) I ALWAYS reset the page. Even if the mark is still there, it soothes my soul a bit to fix it wink

(BookBroad) #9

I like using post-it notes if I have them so I can write little notes or thoughts about what I'm reading and mark the spot that inspired it. Usually though, I end up using the date due card from the back of the library book or even, occasionally, a tissue because that's the only remotely paper-like substance I can find.

(Kenneth Strong Jr) #10

I mostly use bookmarks but, if a bookmark is nowhere in sight, I will use pencils, receipts, index cards, or erasers to keep my place.

(Riffler) #11

Wow, it looks like bookmarking (whether with bookmarks or other bits and bobs) is running away as the winner. We'd love to hear from some of the lurking dog-ear-ers (is that a word??!). Let's hear you defend your place-finding choice! stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

(Kerry Shaw) #12

I usually use a bookmark but if I don't have one handy I'll use whatever.

(Hornette) #13

I dog ear. I also read books in the bath. #norespect

(Stephanie Turner) #14

If I have to I use a bookmark - it makes me all cringey to dog-ear frowning

(Riffle Children's) #15

Ugh, I'm really bad with dog-earing! Especially in college, I would dog-ear pages for certain passages I really liked or wanted to use in a future paper, and it tended to add up to a lot of folded pages! It isn't as if I don't own bookmarks, it's just... they're never quite on hand when I have to mark my place? Idk. Anyway, you don't risk the bookmark/post-it/whatever falling out and losing your place that way.

(Janelle Ludowise) #16

I never dog-ear, and I rarely use bookmarks. I'm definitely and odds n ends sort of bookmarker...receipts, scraps of paper, post-its, and clothing tags. Clothing tags actually make excellent bookmarks, and can be sort of pretty sometimes too. smile

(Ezra Freelove) #17

The books I keep in my car for reading while I am eating out alone have a recent receipt as a bookmark. I have on occasion used straw paper or a torn paper napkin as bookmarks in a new book prior to getting a receipt.

The books I have in various places in my home to read have fancier bookmarks.

I used to mostly dog-ear much in my teens. Not really sure why I stopped.

(H. L. Dwyer) #18

I have two bookmarks I use, both where just scraps of hard paper which I have written rude messages on.

(The Reading Hedgehog) #19

I use bookmarks. Sometimes receipts, movie tickets, or post-its. But in general, I always have a real bookmark with me. I NEVER dog-ear pages. Ever. Never did even as a kid. Just. . . .no.

(Lynette) #20

The humanities library here in town used to carry these great little clip bookmarks. They were archival friendly and had a tapered end so you could "point" them towards the section of text you wanted to remember. Its other advantage was you didn't have tags hanging out of your books. The bookmark folded over the page and sat flush with the end of page. Since I can't seem to find those anywhere now, I tend to use whatever's handy. Post-it notes, or anything else sticky, goes right up there with dog-earing in terms of things one doesn't do to the printed word.