Poll: To Jacket or Not To Jacket

(Riffler) #1

Here's another divisive bookish issue. I love a beautiful jacket and never even consider taking it off a book, whether I'm reading it or not. My other half hates jackets, and not only removes them for reading, but then manages to lose them entirely and doesn't even care?! :flushed:

So where do you stand on the issue? Jackets or no jackets? Vote in the poll and then give us your reasons in the comments!

  • To Jacket
  • Not To Jacket
  • Sometimes I Keep The Jacket, Sometimes I Don't


(Amelia Painter) #2

I love jackets on books! They should be preserved, not lost or destroyed in any way -- in my humble opinion!

Amelia Painter

(Kim@Time2Read) #3

I actually take the jacket off while I read....because I want to keep it pretty. Then I put it back on the book when I finish. #NoColdBooks

(cminmd) #4

I hate reading a book with the dust jacket on. It is floppy, gets scuffy on the edges and is generally awkward. I do think they look nice on the shelf, so I try to save them. The most annoying is when you have one book in a series with a missing or ratty dust jacket.Do you get rid of all of them (yes) or try to ignore the one oddball?

(SERIESous Book Reviews) #5

I do the exact same thing! I worry that I am going to ruin the jacket as I transport the book around everywhere!

(Riffle Children's) #6

I feel like so much work goes into creating a nice cover design that represents the book, I would never remove it for good. But on the other hand, too often I don't take time to appreciate the design of the book without the jacket. Sometimes you find some really cool stuff, especially if it's a special edition.

(Jennifer D.) #7

Though I prefer to read trade paperbacks, I adore lovely book jackets on hardcovers. I remove book jackets when reading, though, so as they don't get creased or damaged in any way.

(r st) #8

I strongly dislike the feel of a dust jacket, as I am holding the book to read, and I always throw them away. If it has a particularly beautiful cover picture, then I cut it out and use it as a book mark for the book that it came off of. Same with the flaps - I often cut them away and use them as a book mark for that particular book.

(Janelle Ludowise) #9

I almost always remove the jacket while reading. It gets in the way, and it often gets creased while I'm reading. So I keep it in a nice safe spot until I'm done reading, and then it goes back on the book. 😄

(r st) #10

I hate hate hate jackets and get rid of them immediately.

(Joyce Dixon) #11

I love beautiful book jackets. Most are for hardcover books that I plan to keep in my library. So, I remove the jacket to read, then replace it when the book returns to the shelf.

Most for my genre fiction and guilty pleasures are ebooks, so the cover is just a photo and no jacket.