Questions About Discussions

(Jennifer D.) #1

I had previously posted this in reply to the welcome message, but this is a far more appropriate spot - thank you for having a space where we can ask about the hows and whys of Riffle Discussions.

It will be interesting to see how this develops. I hope it will be a fun and helpful resource for readers. I always welcome any opportunity to talk about books! smile

I do have a couple of questions:

  1. Will you be linking Discussions' members' profiles to their Riffle profiles? Say we encounter new reading friends with similar tastes so want to add them to our Riffle network as readers to follow - it would be nice if we could manage that from within the discussion forum.

  2. Will we have a way to filter forums? If there are some spaces which hold no interest for us, can we opt out of them so that they are not a part of our experience?

Thanks, again!!

(Riffle Dev) #2

Hi there,

We definitely think about integrating the discussions platform tighter into Riffle in the near future. Right, @Neil_Baptista?

You could use the Categories filter under the Riffle logo in the top, left-hand corner.
It allows you to only show topics for one topic. Unfortunately there's no way to hide topics from certain categories on your discussions home page (yet)

(Jennifer D.) #3

Thanks, Kenny!

  1. It would be great to have better integration with the main Riffle site. Seems a bit of a loss to not be able to add interesting readers to our 'following' list if we are getting to know people through the discussions forums. It would be cool to integrate a button on a person's profile. Like, if we click on a person's avatar, when their info box pops up, having an option to visit their Riffle profile would be cool. And once there, we could choose to follow them.

  2. I had already noticed the categories filters, but was really hoping to have an opt out option (say, in our preferences settings, having the ability to control what comes into our discussion feed) - there are just areas in which I have zero interest, so it only adds clutter to an already busy looking space. Though maybe this will be something you build in as things progress?

New question:

I am glad to see 'discussions' now added to the dropdown menu on Riffle! But I noticed there is no way out of the Riffle discussions, to go back to the main Riffle site. Will you integrate a return to Riffle option. (I mean, the 'back' button on the browser is an option, but if one is all over the place in the discussions, it would be nice to have a single click option to return to the main Riffle site. (I hope I am explaining this clearly? Sorry if I am not. The main Riffle site has the dropdown menu under 'Riffle', on the left, for navigation. Will this be incorporated into Riffle Discussions - in that rather than the way it is now, when we click on the Riffle logo on the top-left, we are just taken to the main discussions page, will we have an option to remain in the discussions space, or jump over to Riffle's main site?)

(Riffle Dev) #4

Thank you for your suggestions. We are thinking the same way to integrate Riffle better into the discussions smile

We currently do not support the opt-out feature, but we'll keep you informed when that's coming! Thanks for bearing with us.

That's a great suggestion - it will appear very soon on here. smile

(Jennifer D.) #5

Thank you, Kenny! smile

(Jennifer D.) #6

Sorry -- I hope I am not driving you nuts with my questions/thoughts!!

I am wondering if you are going to build in the ability to directly link to a Riffle book in a discussion comment? Currently, we have to have a second tab open in our browser to Riffle, search the Riffle database, then copy and paste the link to have it included in a discussion comment. It would be nice to have the ability to 'add author' or 'add book' directly into our posts without these other steps.

(Also, and aside-ish: will we ever be able to link just authors on Riffle? I am thinking it would be great for lists, in particular.)

Please know I totally recognize Discussions is brand new and a big work-in-progress, so I hope you aren't feeling I am being critical. Just really curious and keen!! smile

(Neil Baptista) #7

@JenniferD Thank you for the questions. They really do help lead us in the right direction in terms of what we should be building. smile

Linking books and authors to discussions is definitely on our roadmap. We just wanted to unleash the community first. Riffle will be a continued work in progress, so please, never feel shy about letting us know what's missing. We can't always promise when it will get done, but we are watching.

With respect to Categories, you can Mute categories in your preferences. Just click on your profile at the top right and then click on the gear icon. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see a Categories section. Just type in the categories that you want to Mute, and also if you want to be hyper aware of certain categories then put those into Watched.

(Jennifer D.) #8

Hi @Neil_Baptista!

Thank you so much! That mute functionality is perfect!!

I had to laugh -- your 'release the community' comment totally sent my brain to 'release the kraken!' - which is always fun! (And maybe it feels like trying to tame a kraken at your end right now?) I appreciate your responsiveness, and the fact you are open to questions and thoughts. It's going to be great to watch the community evolve! smile

(Jennifer D.) #9

For the briefest of moments, just now, a black bannered 'Return to Riffle' option was featured at the top of the Discussions page. I used it - worked great. But upon returning to Discussions, the banner is now gone. (Edited to add: and now it's back again. Whee! Heh!)

Glad to see this tweak is happening so quickly, it's very helpful - thank you site magicians! smile

(Riffle Dev) #10

Nice that you noticed it so quickly! smile

(Jennifer D.) #11

I have a new question (sorry!):

How do we update our profile picture in Discussions? I changed my avatar on Riffle books, but now they don't match between the two spaces, and I can't see any place in my Profile or Preferences (in Discussions) that allows my picture to be updated.



(Neil Baptista) #12


We're doing some fixes on the Riffle profile photos right now, so it might be awhile before they synch. We'll have to force you to be a bit schizophrenic until then.


(Jennifer D.) #13

Alrighty, then! I wasn't sure if I was just missing something obvious. Thanks for the reply, Neil. smile

(Jennifer D.) #14

Can we have a Nonfiction Discussions topic?

(Jennifer D.) #15

Sorry, I have another question:

How do we delete private messages?


(Neil Baptista) #16

Good question.

Go to the private message in question and click on the 'three dots' icon. That will reveal a 'trash can' icon that allows you to delete the message.

(Jennifer D.) #17

Thanks Neil -- one problem: there is no three dot icon within my options. Beneath the one message (your 'Welcome to Discussions' message) there is only: heart, link, flag, bookmark, reply. I had expected to find the delete option in that cluster and definitely searched hard before asking my question, heh!), but it is absent, as you can see, below.

Just to verify my path: I clicked on my avatar, opened messages, selected the message, scrolled to the bottom (where it's clearly marked 'private message' in black).

Did you put a restriction on the Welcome message, maybe - so that it can't be deleted?


(Neil Baptista) #18

Sorry, my bad. Those three dots are some admin privileges.

I'll have to look into this more deeply.

The Welcome message is a 'Closed' topic, so perhaps that is creating some waves.

Let me look into this and get back to you. smile

(Jennifer D.) #19

Thank you, Neil. I am glad it's not me losing my marbles. smile

(Jennifer D.) #20

Just thought I would ask again, in case this got missed: There is no dedicated Nonfiction space in Discussions. May we have one? Thanks.