Questions About Discussions

(Neil Baptista) #21

Here you go...

Thank you for asking. smile

(Jennifer D.) #22

Awesome! Thanks, Neil.

(Hornette) #23

Hello from rainy London!

I like to follow people who recommend my very favourite books. So I click on a beloved book, then I click on readers,. Then I can see a list of who recommends the same book. I click on each Riffler who recommends the book in order to follow them. Then to view the next Riffler who recommends the book, I have to click back to the book, then click on readers again, to view the list of who recommends this book.

Is there a way to do this quicker?

Thanks! Hornette

(Neil Baptista) #24

Thank you for describing this Hornette. We'll try and figure out a more efficient interface for that. smile

For now, try and open each Riffle profile in a separate tab. On a mac, when you hold down the "Command Key" and click on a profile photo, it should open each person in a new tab. Then you can go to each tab and Follow them. This will save you from going back and forth to the book page each time. On a PC, I believe that you would just Right click on the photo and select "Open in New tab".

Does that help?

As always, we really appreciate the feedback as it helps us understand how people are using Riffle and where the snags might be.


(Hornette) #25

I'm on a PC here but will have a go opening the readers in new tabs.

Thanks for your help!


(Christa Guild) #26

Hi @Hornette, just jumping in here as a PC user wink A quicker method to open new tabs on PC is to hold down Ctrl while clicking on the profile photo (so the same thing as on a mac, but using Ctrl rather than Command).

(Hornette) #27

Once I've posted a book review, can I edit it?

(Jennifer D.) #28

Hi @Hornette! Yes! If you are on the book page for which you have posted a review, your review will appear underneath the book's description, if you scroll down a bit. Hovering over your review box will bring up an 'edit' option on the bottom-right of the review box. It's in a dark grey colour, and will be beside a 'delete' option. At the bottom-left of a review box are fainter grey 'recommend' and 'comment' options, which also then turn darker grey when you hover over the review I hope this makes sense. smile

(Neil Baptista) #29

Thank you Jennifer! If you go to "Your Reviews" on your profile and then hover over a review, it will work there as well. Here's a screenshot.

(Cheri) #30

Sorry if this isn't the right place to put this question.

I really enjoy the clean look - and dedicated staff - of Riffle. I'm wondering if there are plans to allow users to create groups or virtual book clubs of some sort for more intimate discussions of books.

Along those lines, I may be missing it since I've only been here a short time but if I'm interested in discussing a specific book with others before I'm done with it or before posting a review where people can comment, would I start a topic in the discussion section? I haven't seen anyone do this and don't want to start one and be in the wrong.

Thank you for your help!

(Neil Baptista) #31

Hi Cheri. Great question, as we are definitely thinking about how to best support bookclubs and groups. We're not there yet, so it's totally fine to post your book discussion as a topic in any of the genres! :slight_smile:

Thank you for being a part of the community here. We really like to hear about things that we can do to make Riffle more fun and useful.

(Cheri) #32

Thanks for your quick reply Neil! I look forward to becoming more active here.

(Melanie Kiser) #33

I am new here ... are there book clubs to join? And where can I find them? I would love to add another club to my one in real life!

(Cheri) #34

There aren't yet - I'm interested in that, too. We can post discussion threads for books in the appropriate categories here though.

(Melanie Kiser) #35

Duh, I just read the question above mine!

(Cheri) #36

Hi! I created a book list here in discussions that needs to be deleted. I figured out, too late, the proper way to post a list and have it show up both in discussions and on my lists.

This is the list I’d like deleted but I can’t figure out how to do it.

Thank you so much for your help!

(Cheri) #37

Anyone able to help with this? Not sure if anyone with the power to delete something is around… or to add categories. Not seen a reply to either of my questions from last week.

(Cheri) #38

Hi! Are discussions not a thing anymore? Should I not bother with asking questions about improving and expanding to make Riffle more appealing to folks who are looking for a Goodreads replacement/enhancement? I’d love to drag friends over and participate more but if Riffle is going to be a book cataloging site, I’d like to know.

What are the plans for the discussions area?

(Neil Baptista) #39

Hi Cheri. Sorry for the delay, We’ve had some change ups in the moderation and this was left unattended.

Discussions are still a thing and we’re definitely hoping that you’ll continue to be active. :slight_smile:

I took care of that list topic that you wanted deleted.

(Cheri) #40

Thanks @Neil_Baptista - I appreciate your help!

And if the team is looking for some more help, feel free to hit me up and we can chat.

Thanks again!