RA experts, say hello!

(karenbrissette) #1

i've already introduced myself here, so i'm going to bow out, but i wanted to officially welcome our new readers' advisory experts and give them the opportunity to say hello! welcome, experts!

(SERIESous Book Reviews) #2


My name is Lauren and I'm the blogger behind SERIESous Book Reviews.

I decided to start my blog 3 years ago when it occurred to me that reviewing one book at a time wasn't always helpful when it came to book series. Sometimes books series start out great but by the time you reach the end, you wonder where it all went wrong and why you wasted your time. So I thought it would be great to review entire series as a whole to give potential readers an idea if the series was for them.

I mostly read Young Adult and New Adult novels, making those my "my areas of expertise". But I'm a mood reader at heart so I will pick up whatever book suits my whim at the time.

I'm looking forward to getting to know and work with everyone as this feature launches :slight_smile:

(Stickney-Forest View Library ) #3

Hello fellow readers,
My name is Sonia, I am a Librarian/Readers Advisor at a public library in the Chicago suburbs. I am involved in a group of librarians who gather to hone our RA skills through genre studies and practice book talking and other professional development called The Adult Reading Round Table (ARRTreads.org). Some of my favorite sites/sources for Reader's advisory are Goodreads, Novelist, and http://raforall.blogspot.com.

My favorite books of 2016 so far are Leave Me by Gayle Forman, Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler and Chicago by Brian Doyle.
Happy Reading!
Sonia Reppe

(Kate Minckler) #4

We are so excited to welcome our RA experts!

@shelfemployed, @Katie_Wilkins_Doing_Dewey, @Backlist_Books, @Jennifer_D, @Cindy_Schilling

Thank you all for your enthusiasm for getting involved :slight_smile: Let's get some RA discussion rolling! What have your RA experiences been like? For the professional librarians among you - any bizarre requests you can share? And finally, following @Stickney_Forest_View_Library's example, let's all share our top 3 books from 2016!

(SERIESous Book Reviews) #5

My top 3 books that have been published this year are: Starflight by Melissa Landers; Play by Piper Lawson and The Winner's Kiss by Marie Rutkoski.

But my top 3 of books that weren't published this year are: The Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown; The Deal by Elle Kennedy; and The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

(karenbrissette) #6

i tried to narrow it down to three, but i just couldn't - it has been too good year for books, and we're not even finished yet!! but my top FIVE of the year (so far) are:

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things - Bryn Greenwood
The Sunlight Pilgrims - Jenni Fagan
The Trees - Ali Shaw
The Trespasser - Tana French
The North Water - Ian McGuire

even that was hard enough - so many excellent books!

(Katie Wilkins - Doing Dewey) #7

A tough question! I'm going to give myself five too :slight_smile: My favorites this year are:

Why We Came to the City by Christopher Jansma
All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda
The View from the Cheap Seats by Neil Gaiman
The Assistants by Camille Perri
Lab Girl by Hope Jahren

(karenbrissette) #8

a fellow rulebreaker! welcome!!

(Katie Wilkins - Doing Dewey) #9

Thanks @karenbrissette!

(Cindy Schilling) #10

Thanks for allowing me into this group. I'm a retired librarian - most of my career was spent as a Children's Librarian, but for several years I also covered Adult RA and facilitated 2 Book Groups at my library. So far my top 3 books of this year are: "A Gentleman in Moscow" by Amor Towles, "Before the Fall" by Noah Hawley, "Vinegar Girl" by Anne Tyler, and "Close Call" by Laura DiSilverio (Yes I know that's four, but I couldn't narrow it down any further).

(Neil Baptista) #11

Hi everyone.

Thank you for joining the RA discussions here. Sorry that we've been somewhat mysterious about what we're building. It's coming and it's going to be wonderful. :slight_smile:

We're putting together a chat system, where readers looking for suggestions on books can get directly connected with experts like yourselves. You'll be able to see a queue of requests and then claim them and do some down home RA right in a chat session.

Basically, we'll have a chatbot that's like an RA concierge who greets readers. The chatbot will ask the readers some questions and then queue the request for your perusal.

Our mission is to inspire people to read more books. Hopefully, we can fulfill that by connecting them directly with enthusiastic experts in our community.

More soon. :sunglasses:

(Jennifer D.) #12

Hi all!

I am excited to be a part of this new recommendation adventure. I hope it will be great fun and a good resource for readers.

(Apologies for my silence here at Riffle lately -- I suffered a very bad concussion in early October, followed by a forced 'screen time' hiatus while I recover. Things are moving along nicely now, so I hope my presence on the site will be back to more regular participation over the next week or so.)


(Neil Baptista) #13

Sorry to hear that Jennifer. Best wishes from the team here.

Welcome back. :grinning:

(Jennifer D.) #14

I just noticed I cannot create a topic in this folder - totally understandable.

I am wondering if we could have a thread space for RAs to ask for help with the requests, &/or brainstorm ideas for requests?

I have a bit of a tricky one -- favourite book noted as adult fiction, no category chosen, and when I clarified with the user, she wants YA recommendations. YA isn't really my strong area so would love some assistance as I work on this request.

Thanks so much!! :smiley:

Edited to add: I feel I came up with some great options for the request I noted above, so hope the user will be happy. But I still feel it would be useful to engage with other RAs over specific requests in a dedicated space. Thanks for looking into it, @Neil_Baptista!! :smiley:

(Neil Baptista) #15

Let me look into that Jennifer. I should be able to add all the Riffle book experts to be able to start topics in this category.

(Gaele Hi) #16

I'm Gaele from I am, Indeed (book reviews) Like many here, I'm a committed reader and have been reading since about age 3 -voraciously. I read everything - fine print in instruction manuals, books (350 or so a year for review, another 50 or so for pleasure that I don't review). Really excited for this opportunity and to see what people are reading

Answered my first one just a bit ago - are we notified via email with answers to questions?

(Neil Baptista) #17

Hi Gaele. Welcome. :slight_smile:

Currently, the notifications are a bit rudimentary, but we'll get better. You need to go into Riffle and click on the envelope icon at the top. It will take you into messaging, where all of your readers advisory sessions are. If anyone has responded, there should be a number beside their name. See the blue arrow in my screenshot below. That tells you that the person has sent you 2 messages that you haven't seen.

(Kate Minckler) #18

Welcome @Gaele_Hi - wonderful to have you on board :smiley:

(Gaele Hi) #19

:neutral_face: Ta. I'm having fun stretching my own brain with this -

(Gaele Hi) #20

Thank you. some I sort of discovered this morning when I was wandering about after popping in some reviews.

The rest I saw from responses either here or to email.
thanks again!