Reading Challenges & Reading Projects?

(Janelle Ludowise) #1

I was curious if any Rifflers enjoyed doing reading challenges! I know there are a ton of them out there, but I thought it’d be fun to see if anyone else partakes in them and what they think of them.

So if you do a reading challenge, no matter which one it is, here are a few questions:

  1. Do you usually finish?
  2. Do you have fun?
  3. Do you think they help you expand your reading horizons?
  4. Why do you do/not do reading challenges?

To answer my own questions, last year, I attempted to do the 2015 Ultimate Reading Challenge (sadly I did not complete it). But I had fun while trying, and it was a nice way to read a few titles that maybe I wouldn’t have normally. I’m not too bothered that I didn’t finish all the prompts, it was mainly a fun thing to do and to tailor my TBR to.

So, anyone else do any challenges? What do you think?

(SERIESous Book Reviews) #2

I do the Goodreads Challenge every year passively. I don't particularly pay attention to it throughout the year, rather I just use it as a way to gauge how much I read in a year. Normally I surpass it because I under estimate how much time I dedicate to reading.

This year I am doing the Rock My TBR challenge where you read based on your TBR list. It's a pretty open challenge and I've been doing great so far!

I also made my own challenge to read certain series from the 365 Days of YA infographic from Epic Reads that they made last year.

(I Read What You Write) #3

I use the Goodreads challenge as a way to track the books I post about. I love the round up at the end of the year. I have an ABC challenge going with another blogger and I have started a challenge at my local library that seems to have some fun topics. Since I read 5-7 books a week anyway, I don't really go out of my to work hard on the challenges, I just kind of fill in the blanks as I read. I expect I will pick up a few more as I go along since this is my first full year of blogging and I missed out on some fun ones last year.

(Cheri) #4

I participate in a few different challenges and am wondering if there's a spot for challenges here on Riffle and I missed it.

(Teresa Danner Kander) #5

I do the Goodreads challenge every year, and this year I'm doing an alphabet challenge and two cozy mystery challenges. I try not to do very many challenges, so that I can finish them all without feeling pressured.

(Jennifer D.) #6

Thought I would give this discussion thread a bit of nudge! It’s been a while since we’ve talked on the topic of reading challenges or reading projects.

I am thinking about this at the moment because this month, I have been trying to focus on women writers in translation as a reading project. I’ve not done as well as I had hoped… but I have managed to read authors originally published in Japanese, Finnish, and Norwegian. And I have a French author on the go at the moment.

Which challenges and reading projects are working on in 2017?

Have you started thinking about your 2018 reading yet? (Too soon?? :wink:)

(Cheri) #7

I’ve started thinking about my 2018 reading, definitely. I want to read more comics and graphic novels in the coming year. I bought loads of them this year but haven’t begun to even dent the pile. I really want to read with my eyeballs more in 2018 instead of just audio books or ebooks with a text-to-speech app. I don’t have much eyeball time but the goal will be to make time.

And, of course, my standard A-Z Title Challenge and the total books read challenge. This year my goal was 85 but I’m already almost 10 over that so I’ll have to bump my base goal. Maybe to 90.

(Melanie Wayne) #8

While in school, it was so easy to say “I can’t wait to start reading for fun after I don’t have all this school work/reading to do!”. But after I graduated college, it was hard to convince myself to not do XYZ and read instead. Even as a child, I had a hard time finishing books: whether it be from lack of interest in the subject material, style of writing, or because I tend to read reference/text/biography books that are 600 pages of small font on large pages. Either way, I love a good challenge as a motivator, but it was unreasonable to say I’d read 10 books in a year: what if I picked one I hated. I’d get stuck spinning trying to force myself to finish it to make it count.

My solution: 10-Pages a Day challenge. Reading 10 pages a day (with some off days), you can (non-dauntingly) consume 10 books in a year. We started doing this three years ago, tracking how many pages we’ve read and what books we’re reading in an excel doc. We’re still going strong. We have new friends and family join every year. From the 5 original people, who read maybe 1 book a year, we all now read between 10 and 20. We love it because every page counts - there is no guilt in abandoning a book you’re just not loving; we have a community of people who all read various genres, at different speeds and quantities, yet have a competitive community that keeps us all motivated!