Reading Comfort Zones

(Jennifer D.) #21

It can be a challenge to break out of our happy places, when there are so many great books there! :blush:

(Cathleen Grey) #22

I was an avid mystery reader for a very long time. Then I joined NetGalley and was able to move outside of my comfort zone with the help of free ARC books to read and review. I found myself exposed to so many genre’s I never would try for the fear that I wouldn’t enjoy the book and feel like I wasted my money.

Today I find that I always go outside my comfort zone and pick up books that stretch and entertain me in so many genres.

( #23

Do you review books. Can you do ours too if I send book free to you.

(sh m) #24

My reading comfort zone has always been memoirs and investigative journalism. However! A few days ago, I decided to give romance/erotica a try simply because Amazon’s algorithms keep plastering them on my Kindle. At that hour (it was close to midnight), I was reading Romeo Dallaire (after reading other genocide books few weeks straight) and took a break.

I decided I wasn’t going to pay for my first ever venture into romance. Besides, I’ve had my own fair share of real-life experiences anyway, the good and the evil. So I found a free one, titled, Filthy British 2 :rofl: The first wasn’t free and the second was. I didn’t care.

It’s been 4 days on and off, and at 20% reading progress, still, no sex :expressionless::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maybe that’s the thrill people seek in this genre - They keep you waiting and reading and waiting for more. But that’s just my opinion. I don’t find any thrill in it at all. Perhaps I would have finished the book by now if they started with some sex in the first page and then drift off to dry land after.

I’m not giving up just yet - but I will certainly take a long time to finish this read!

(susan saeugling) #25

YES,all alone in my bed all day with my cat Lucy, no phone no t.v., nobody