Riffle Book Records - Covers or Descriptions Needed?

(Jennifer D.) #181

thanks for these reports, @Maya.

bit of an update for you and @Riffle_Horror – we seem to be having a bit of weirdness with images on the sites at the moment… will keep checking on these book records, and will update when the system is more cooperative. :wink:

(Riffle Horror) #182


Thank you for the information update. There is no problem with taking all the time you need. I’ve noticed some code bleeding through on my time line as I accessed my Riffle account.


(Maya) #183

Hahaha! Haunted book jackets :slight_smile:

(Jennifer D.) #184

is this today? i can let kenny know.

(Riffle Horror) #185

Yes, a few minutes before I wrote to you here on the Discussion Board. But it was gone by the time I went back to the timeline a few minutes later. I don’t think you need to tell Kenny about it because he probably saw it and cleaned up the code minutes after it happened.

(Jennifer D.) #186

heh!! too late… @Riffle_Horror-- i mentioned it to him a bit ago, along with screen shots from the wonkiness i had going on. it helps him to know about these things, for sure, as he’s not able to know about everything first-hand!! thanks, greg!!! :slight_smile:

(Jennifer D.) #187


@Riffle_Horror - i was able to update all except for ‘wolf rider’, which sadly will still have the grey cover. with the data i have access to to complete our record, there is no cover available to match this edition. sorry!

@Maya – was able to update both your reported covers. however i believe the one for ‘line become a river’ may just be a placeholder cover. though, it is an improvement on the grey cover!


(Riffle Horror) #188

Thank you @Jennifer_D. I appreciate all your hard work. :exploding_head:


(Erica Holthausen) #189

Oh, I just saw this discussion! I’ll start posting whatever I find. Thank you for doing this! Here’s the first:

(Erica Holthausen) #190

This one could use a description:

(Maya) #191

Her Body and Other Parties

(Erica Holthausen) #192

(Erica Holthausen) #193

(Jennifer D.) #194

@Erica_Holthausen and @Maya – thank you for reporting these. the records have now been updated. :slight_smile:

(Erica Holthausen) #195

Wow! Thank you, @Jennifer_D! That was fast!

(Jennifer D.) #196

@Erica_Holthausen – fortunate timing!! :wink:

(Erica Holthausen) #197

Well, I’m going to keep going! I’m in the midst of making a list …

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