Riffle Book Records - Covers or Descriptions Needed?

(Jennifer D.) #161

@Riffle_Horror – Hi Greg. Those are all updated now, with titles, descriptions, page counts, pub year, and publisher – where available. Thanks, again, for reporting.

(Riffle Horror) #162

@Jennifer_D – Hey Jennifer, Thank you very much! I really appreciate all your help. :joy:


(Riffle Horror) #163

Sorry @Jennifer_D but it seems I’ve found another grey cover. Or is it a gray cover?

Thank you,

(Jennifer D.) #164

thanks greg – noticed it on the twitter feed, so will get to that later today. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jennifer D.) #165

okey-dokey – that’s updated for you now, greg (@Riffle_Horror) :slightly_smiling_face:

(Riffle Horror) #166

Thank you, @Jennifer_D. I love that cute sloth (on the book cover).


(Jennifer D.) #167

Right??? I am a HUGE sloth fan, and hope to visit Costa Rica one day to help at the sloth sanctuary they have there. This book cover made me so happy. :blush:

(Riffle Horror) #168

The ironic thing is that image of a happy sloth with the circle background is a meme that, in the story, gets shared throughout the internet, and makes people who see it very happy . . . one would say addicted to the happiness it brings. The joy is so huge that they must share it with others and drop everything to watch it for hours on end.

Twelve hours later the viewers are transformed into screaming killers, leaking blood out of their eyes. Three people in the comic avoid that fate – a college student who is color blind, a retired military commander who is nearly blind and a meme scientist who refuses to look at the sloth. But will they be able to save themselves – let alone the world?

So it’s a picture of an evil happy sloth? :smiling_imp:

It’s a fun read, a story of horror and ideas and maybe the end of the world.

(Riffle Horror) #169

Hello @Jennifer_D,

Yes, I found more problems. I didn’t mean to, it just . . . sorta . . . happened.

These need a new book cover:

This one needs a title:


(The title is ‘Damn Nation’)

Thank you for all you do,

(Jennifer D.) #170

Heh!! No worries, it happens.
I’ll take care of these later today.
Thanks for reporting them!

(Riffle Horror) #171

Hello @Jennifer_D,

I was following people who followed me and I found these book coverless books in their lists. Can we fix them up and make a couple of new Rifflers happy?



(Jennifer D.) #172

updated for you (them) now!
thanks for reporting, greg.


(Riffle Horror) #173

Thank you @Jennifer_D,

However, this book remains stubbornly gray:


It is Discount Armageddon (An InCryptid Novel) by Seanan McGuire and I don’t know why it won’t appear with a gray cover title and brief part of a description like the rest of the books. I did clear my cache twice to make sure it wasn’t my computer being a brat.

No, I think we may have a wayward book record on our hands. Time to break out the pitchforks and torches…maybe get a good mob going… :fire::fire: :smiling_imp::fire::fire:

(Jennifer D.) #174

haha!! that was totally my fault – i missed the one url pasted below the two that had link previews. sorry about that!

seems okay now…:blush:

(Riffle Horror) #175

I cleared the cache and it works perfectly.

Thank you!

(Riffle Horror) #176

Good Morning @Jennifer_D,

How are you doing this fine, fine day? I was looking at a few book lists by NACS Library and noticed that they had a few gray covers. Would it be out of line to share them with you for fixing? I wasn’t trolling for gray book covers but when I saw them on the various book lists I thought maybe I should gather them for you. If this is a bad idea, please let me know. I’m good either way.

I can’t be 100% positive but it looks like NACS Library is using Riffle to list their books by genre, maybe as a way to lure kids into their library to find a book they own. These seem to be very long book lists.

Take care,

(Jennifer D.) #177

they do!

i’ll work on these – thanks for reporting them. may not all be done until tomorrow, though.


(Riffle Horror) #178

Thank you. Take all the time you need. :smiley:

(Maya) #179


Warcross by Marie Lu

(Maya) #180

Line Becomes a River