September 2017 - The Last Neanderthal, by Claire Cameron


(Jennifer D.) #1

I am very happy to introduce to you the selection for our September book club:

The Last Neanderthal, by Claire Cameron.

The reading and discussion will kickoff on September 1st – we hope you will join us for a month of great conversation!

Each week, I will post new questions to help along with our discussions. But please know my questions or prompts are not to act in any restrictive way – everyone is free to comment or ask questions at any time. In fact, the more people who actively participate, the better the book club will be for all participants. :blush:

Here is the reading schedule for the novel:

01 - 09 September: Through end of Chapter 7
10 - 16 September: Chapter 8, through end of Chapter 15
17 - 23 September: Chapter 16 through end of Chapter 22
24 - 30 September: Chapter 23 through to end

As Labor Day is September 4th, our first “week” on the schedule makes allowances for the holiday.

I would like to request that we all be respectful of spoiler information. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the novel that is beyond the schedule, please use the “hide details” function. If you click on the wheel icon in the formatting bar, you should see this option. It will cause any selected portion of a comment to look like this:


nothing to see here, just testing!

One tip: in order for the ‘hide details’ to work properly, the text you wish to protect should be on its own line and not within other text.

We hope you will be keen to join in with us as we read The Last Neanderthal.

If you have any questions at all, please ask!!


The Nightingale by Hannah Kristin
(Jennifer D.) #2

So, who will be joining in on this one with me?? Please let me know with a comment if you will be participating.

This book feels like it has the potential to be a GREAT book club read, with lots of interesting considerations and things to talk about!

(karenbrissette) #3

ohhhh, i am definitely going to try! i really liked her first book. i will see if i can get a copy of this and carve out some time, but count me as a hopeful maybe on it for now

(Jennifer D.) #4

awesome!! i hope the timing will work out for you, @karenbrissette! i own the bear, but haven’t read it yet because i am a scaredy cat! :joy:

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #5

Oh perfect! I have this book on my shelf at home!

(I haven’t read The Bear either…)

(Jennifer D.) #6


Are you scared of ‘The Bear’ too?? :joy:

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #7

:joy::joy: I’m not sure – a little bit maybe? I cant’ remember now if I’ve heard that the audiobook is a well done production.

But…the Last Neanderthal really does have me intrigued! I think this will be a fantastic read for the book club - looking forward to it!

(Jane D) #8

I am “IN” and I already have a copy of the book…so come on September!:slight_smile:

(Jennifer D.) #9

YAY!! so very happy you will be doing us, @Jane_Dixon!! :blush:

(Kim@Time2Read) #10

I am just seeing this! I definitely want to read this one!

(Jennifer D.) #11

Excellent!! It will be fantastic having you join in, @Kim!! :blush:

(Just Call Me "Two Books" Rance) #12

I may try to join you in reading this. I just checked it out at the library. I’m just worried about time, but I’ll give it a go!

(Jennifer D.) #13

that would be great, @Just_Call_Me_Two_Books_Rance!! i hope you will enjoy the book, and share your thoughts with us as you are able.

if you feel you would like a better sense of how the book club has been running, please take a peek at our May thread:

this is still a fairly new undertaking for us, so we are always open to feedback on the process. mostly, we just want this to be a great place for riffle members to chat about excellent books which lend themselves well to a book club forum!


(Rebecca Wells Demaree) #14

I just ordered the book so count me in!

(Jennifer D.) #15

Excellent! So happy you can join us, @Rebecca_Wells_Demaree!! :slight_smile:

(Penny / Literary Hoarders ) #16

I had an old online book club person contact me yesterday asking about this Riffle book club! I’ve encouraged her to join in and I hope she does!

(Jennifer D.) #17

Ooh - that’s great. Thanks for letting us know. I hope she will join us. :open_book:

(DubaiReader) #18

I’m hoping to join in too.

Haven’t done anything on here except list my books - so far :slight_smile:

(Jennifer D.) #19

That would be terrific, @DubaiReader!! We’d love to have you join us!

(Ceil Hook) #20

This is the first time I’ll be joining a Riffle Book club chat. I’m looking forward to the discussion.