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This is a place where Rifflers can come and chat, vent, pontificate, debate, espouse, meet and, well, discuss.

We hope that Riffle inspires you to read more, by connecting you to other people who are passionate about books.

We've divided the board into broad categories for now. Some would call them Genres.

  1. You can dive in by hitting one of the "Introduce yourself..." topics.

  2. You can mention people anywhere by using the @name convention. Like this @Neil_Baptista.

  3. If you're linking to a book, please use the Riffle book page. Like this link to Roadside Picnic (we're working on ways to integrate individual books and authors directly).

  4. After you've been around a bit, you'll notice that you can also send Private messages directly to other people on the board.

  5. Please explore. Jump in where you feel the urge. Start a topic and invite friends to it by @messaging them or by inviting them to join Riffle at rifflebooks.com.

All Rifflers are welcome.

Tally ho.

p.s. We've set up an "I am an Author" category for all the Authors joining the boards. We love Authors who are taking the time and energy to be a part of the Riffle community. So, we've set up a separate category where you Authors can introduce yourselves and your books. It helps keep the community lines of conversation in order and give you a playground for dialogue with readers. Check it out!

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