What is your Hogwarts House?

(Alice Fan) #1

Whether or not you've received your Hogwarts letter yet, I want to know - where has the Sorting Hat sorted you?

Does the House you think you belong in match with what House Pottermore's Sorting Hat picked? (Since Pottermore is an official site, I give that Sorting the highest authority.)

What House would you prefer to be in (if not the one you're in)?

Brave Gryffindors, cunning Slytherins, sweet Hufflepuffs, and clever Ravenclaws - announce yourselves!

(Alice Fan) #2

I'll get this discussion going with an intro. Hi, I'm Alice and I'm a Ravenclaw through and through (it's what all the Sorting tests say, including Pottermore!). "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure!"

This does not come as a surprise to me because I have always been something of a bookworm, nerd, and geek. Learning weird, kind of archaic stuff is my jam, and cleverness delights me - word play, clever plots, clever characters.

But let's be real, I would also be that Ravenclaw who can't get back into the tower because she can't figure out the daily riddle. I might like riddles but solving them is NOT my strong suit. I'd probably just wait for someone and go in with them - which is maybe the smartest thing of all? smile

(Briana) #3

This is such a fun topic!

I am also a Ravenclaw, according to both Pottermore and my heart! I think I wouldn't mind being a Hufflepuff though; I'd love to hang out with a bunch of people known for being welcoming and kind!

I agree, though; answering riddles does not necessarily correspond to my type of intelligence. I would really dread having to get back into the tower in a hurry and not knowing the right answer to get through the door!

(Riffle Dev) #4

It's so nice of you starting this topic... and thanks for mentioning Pottermore.com - I haven't known about its existence until just now!

So, I am glad to announce that I am...

Can't wait to go deeper into the Pottemore story...

(Kate Elizabeth Orgera) #5

Hello everyone! I was sorted as Ravenclaw on Pottermore, and proud smile I've always loved learning, whether it's movie quotes or literary themes or psychological studies, so it makes sense. But yeah, I'm stumped as to how the heck I would get into the tower as well. But once there, I would so enjoy the view!

I do wonder sometimes, however, if I wouldn't be better suited for Hufflepuff. I would certainly be proud if I was. I'm the sensitive one who always sticks by the underdog, you know? It's hard to say if you go by the theory that sorting is based on what the person values the most, rather than what is their strongest quality. I certainly value knowledge, but I also value kindness. (shrug)

(Alice Fan) #6

Yay! Our first Gryffindor! Imagine that in the Sorting Hat voice

Glad to point new people towards Pottermore! It's pretty cool and JKR posts all these little worldbuilding and background tidbits about the Potter-verse. I actually really need to visit again soon. It's been forever!

(Alice Fan) #7

Love the theory that you posit - especially if you consider Hermione who seems like she'd be perfect in Ravenclaw. Her intellect is obviously a very strong quality, but she also strongly values knowledge. So I wonder if her capacity for loyalty and courage outweighed both of those things - or if that was the thing at her core if you stripped everything else away? Or maybe like how Harry chose Gryffindor over Slytherin, maybe she did the same?

That said, I have seen this theory around Tumblr that people in Gryffindor chose to be there because anyone can choose to be brave!

(Krizia Anna Lazaro) #8

No fellow Hufflepuff yet?

(Alice Fan) #9

Hello Krizia! You seem to indeed be our first Hufflepuff! I guess that makes you a house prefect? smile

So, inquiring minds want to know, what makes you a great Hufflepuff?

(Stephanie Turner) #10

Hello All! I am Stephanie and I am a Slytherin. I was sorted a while ago and I think I am ok with this decision. Iike being the odd one out stuck_out_tongue I would have liked to be in Ravenclaw though.

(Alice Fan) #11

@Stephanie_Turner Yay, you made it! I think you're also our first Slytherin here, which also gives our board representatives from all 4 Houses. How fun! smile

Did you think you'd end up in Ravenclaw before you were Sorted? (Slytherins are pretty cool though. My own sister is one through and through!)

(Adrielle) #12

I am Hufflepuff! Absolutely!

(Alice Fan) #13

Welcome @Adrielle! Glad to add another Hufflepuff to our ranks.

So question for you, what's great about your House? I think Hufflepuffs are often severely underrated. smile

(Adrielle) #14

If Hufflepuffs are underrated it may be because they aren't attention seekers. Their choices are born more from a place of weighing right/wrong rather than one of competitive impulse. They're patient, they're loyal, they're hardworking and open-minded, which makes them spectacular friends. Hufflepuff has produced the fewest number (zero?) of dark wizards and they are the house who most supported Gryffindor during The Battle of Hogwarts.

Plus, they have the raddest house ghost. The Fat Friar isn't going to terrorize you or sulk at you, he's gonna go with you to the kitchen for a snack at 2 AM. Maybe tell you some jokes. He's good company.

(Alice Fan) #15

@Adrielle I think this may be one of the best arguments for Hufflepuff House I've ever heard! Friendly ghost that will join you with midnight snackage? Yes, please!

(Ao Bibliophile) #16

hi everyone! according to some online sorting tests, i'm a Hufflepuff which is cool.

i've never been sorted over at Pottermore. not ever.

after registration, i always get errors when i log in that my username and password don't match. i've tried and tried and done so many resets already and it's been 3 long years that i've done so. i finally gave up.

(Alice Fan) #18

@Ao_Bibliophile Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about your Pottermore experience! I know it was really glitchy and kind of hard to navigate when it first started. Might be better now that it's been up and running for a while?

In either case, yay Hufflepuff! We seem to have a few in here, and y'all tend to brighten up the place. smile

(Alice Fan) #19

Here's a fun thing I saw online today: a Buzzfeed quiz to see what House you'd be in if your pizza choices were the determining factor!


Let me know your results. And yes, I am still a Ravenclaw. Woohoo! fist bird

(Adrielle) #20

I visited Pottermore to be officially sorted and came up Ravenclaw! And now, according to pizza I am confirmed Ravenclaw again. Pizza does not lie, and so, I will accept it (though Hufflepuffs are still the house of my heart. heartpulse).

(Riffle Children's) #21

@Alice_Fan Haha, pizza sorting quiz! I'm up for it!

Actually got Hufflepuff, but I'm not that surprised - I've always thought I've been on the cusp of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.
According to the quiz: You’re reliable, delightful, and easy-going, just like the delicious pizza you stuff your face with. Not everyone gets you or appreciates you, but you know what’s good when you taste it.

Aaaaaand now I really want pizza laughing pizza