What is your Hogwarts House?

(Alice Fan) #22

@Adrielle Pizza, more than the Sorting Hat, is the definitive factor. I promise we're fun at Ravenclaw too! wink Welcome!

(Alice Fan) #23

@Kate_Orgera1 I love this pizza quiz. It's one of the most random but fun HP quizzes I've come across. Funny how our food choices can show our true House colors!

(Adrielle) #24

Ravenclaw clearly has the best pizza at any rate stuck_out_tongue

(Stephanie Turner) #25

Haha Yea that is what I was hoping for but Slytherin kinda fits - my hubby sorted into Hufflepuff and was sad he wasn't Slytherin too smile

(Stephanie Turner) #26

Hm my pizza choice puts me in Ravenclaw -- oh well any pizza is delicious!

(Alice Fan) #27

@Stephanie_Turner Haha, a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff! A seemingly unlikely pair!

You can sneak over to the Ravenclaw tower for pizza. Like @Adrielle said, we clearly have the best pizza, so no one would blame you. wink

(Riffle Children's) #28

@Alice_Fan @Stephanie_Turner Actually, I know a Slytherin/Hufflepuff pair myself smile Not married, but very serious. Opposites attract?

(Alice Fan) #29

@Kate_Orgera1 Opposites attract - that must be it!

(Kaleigh Wiseley) #30

I'm a Hufflepuff, too! It's absolutely true to who I am and every silly quiz always sorts me the same. I also notice that it tends to be an underrated house, but I guess that's also kind of in Hufflepuff nature! But honestly, who wouldn't want to be a Hufflepuff? Kind, democratic, loyal... I embrace it. blush

(Alice Fan) #31

@Kaleigh_Wiseley You know, I recently discovered quite a few of my friends are Hufflepuffs, and it makes so much sense! You guys are definitely an underrated House for such wonderful people!

(Paul Serowik) #32

I am a Ravenclaw. I have no idea what to say next...

(Erica Robyn) #33

Hey everyone! I am a proud Hufflepuff! :slight_smile: It's so fitting for my personality, it's silly!

(I Read What You Write) #34

Mine is Ravenclaw. I filled out this questionnaire once for an HP club and
it asked all these crazy open ended questions that lead nowhere that I
could tell and I got into an argument with the admin about how they
couldn't possibly tell them anything about which house I belonged to and
the answer came back as obvious, Ravenclaw. Turned out the point of the
questions was to question. I still laugh about it.