Where did the library lead you?


(Kate Minckler) #1

National Library Week is just around the corner (April 8-14), and I thought it would be fun to start a discussion about this year’s theme: Libraries Lead. :slight_smile:

This year, in keeping with the Libraries Lead theme, the ALA is asking people to share how the library led them to something of value in their lives. (They’re actually doing a full-blown giveaway which you can find out more about here).

Anyway, for fun, I wanted to take that question and ask it here! So, Rifflers, complete the sentence:

My library led the way to…

(karenbrissette) #2

the library led the way to a life of book-gluttony.

my first trip to the library felt so much like a fairytale scenario that i was looking for the catch; “wait, so i can take as many books as i want as long as i bring them back in a couple of weeks? and then i can have more??” it blew my little girl mind. and being able to choose whatever i wanted (within parental approval) without having to consider the cost, or having to weigh my interest in one book against another to make an impossible decision, meant that my whims were allowed to develop into interests as i grew up and made my way through the small town library before discovering that neighboring towns also had libraries for me to conquer. and i don’t think i ever got over that realization that i really could “have it all,” and now my reading tastes are all over the map and i still have this itch to read about 83% of the books that cross my path. so, thanks, libraries, for enabling my gluttony and fostering my insurmountable to-read list.

(susan saeugling) #3

The library led me to my love of reading for myself after I realized since my chirldren were born I had stopped reading,so me and my kids went to check out some books. The library welcomed me home and took my kids in.

(Starr k) #4

The library led me to tons of new authors I wouldn’t have discovered any other way.
To books that have changed me in multiple ways.
To learning how to dream bigger than myself.