Which bookstore or library is your happy place?

(Kate Minckler) #1

:turkey: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! :turkey:

For Day 4 of #7DaysofGratitude, we’re asking:

Which bookstore or library is your happy place? :slight_smile:


(Painting by John Walsom)

(Kate Minckler) #2

I’ll start. :slight_smile: I love Astoria Bookshop in Queens! These days I go there for their Wednesday storytime with my little guy. It’s a beautiful little place AND as an added bonus they have a bookstore puppy!

And I have really fond memories of the library in the town where I grew up (Crewkerne, England). The children’s corner there was just the best.

(Brendan Schlagel) #3

Unnameable Books is probably my favorite bookstore in Brooklyn…at least it’s the one I visit most since I live nearby! They’re majority used books but have new books as well, and quite well curated.

I wish there was more of a cozy, serves coffee and snacks, place-to-hang-out-all-day bookstore near me. But Couth Buzzard, in Seattle in the neighborhood where I grew up, fits that bill perfectly :slight_smile:

(susan saeugling) #4

Aurora Central Library, Aurora,Colorado , I love it here every visit, every free class ,everytime I go it’s like the first time I have been there

(Teezee) #5